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Monday, January 28, 2013

Trashed by Tri-Met

The recently rerouted no. 8 bus continues to wreak havoc at its new layover spot, NE Ninth and Dekum. The folks trying to bring that area of town back from being a crack zombieland are none too happy with the noise, the fumes, the congestion, and the safety hazards. Tri-Met's giving its usual mumbly, half-hearted response, but the neighbors aren't satisfied. We don't blame them.

The part about the drivers urinating in the park is pretty disgusting, but even without that boorish behavior, what's been done to the businesses and families of that neighborhood is inexcusable. It needs to be fixed immediately. Tri-Met can take the extra expense out of the general manager's salary, or out of the budget for the fancy furniture that's surely coming with the office move to the Saltzman palace.

Comments (21)

They say they can't move the stops right now.
It's total baloney because if there was a flood or the street became unusable they would move it immediately.

Gawd such a culture of executive liars, and they keep getting away with it supported by that board of puppets.

Better the drivers urinate in the park than in the rear step well.

If they'd only wait 10 more years, there would be a MAX line stop there.

Or the costs, however they are being paid, of Tri-Met employees, consultants and lobbyists working on the "Crock" (Columbia River Crossing).

while they're at it, can they please restore the 17 line from nw 21st through downtown??

In ancient times, Roman bridge building engineers are said to have been required to live for a certain amount of time underneath the bridges they engineered. Wonder how often TriMet's managers actually ride the various bus lines or hang out at the various transit stops? I bet they don't do this very much at all. In fact, Metro management is just as bad, if not worse. For instance, Tom Hughes (Metro president) once gave a presentation in which he actually admitted he doesn't ride light rail much because it's too slow for his meeting schedule and time demands. I guess us commoners should know we are the planned on, and not the planned for. Just goes to show, our government planning needs a good dose of de-planning.

TriMet planning is a joke.

They can spend millions - yes, MILLIONS - on teams of employees that plan the nitty-gritty out of every single MAX line. Down to what color the art should be, what type of concrete should be used, the size of the shelter, the landscaping - TriMet even employs a landscaping staff that tends to the MAX stations.

When it comes to bus service, all that gets thrown out the window. Plop a bus stop...here. Don't work? Oh well. I can name all kinds of examples of bus stops - in fact bus stops installed in the last several years - that have design flaws. And TriMet was caught up in a situation with the new 94 bus stop in downtown Tigard, in which TriMet was forced to move the stop a block for so many problems (riders having no safe place to wait, a business who had to deal with riders standing in their landscaping, a haphazardous walk from the Transit Center to the bus stop since the 94 doesn't go into the transit center), on-street parking spaces in front of the bus stop made the stop inaccessible to those in wheelchairs/scooters, stopped buses backed up traffic across the WES track). And that was a newly installed stop!

I think Bob Clark nailed it on the head - if TriMet's management and Board were required to ride the system, they would see just how pathetic it is. I'm sure most of them don't drive 20 year old cars that have long outlasted their lifespan; I'm sure their homes have a nicely maintained walkway from their front door to their car door. Many bus stops are literally in drainage ditches (ride the 1, 38, 43, 44 or 45 lines if you don't believe me); some bus stops are in the middle of a cross-street (so much for pedestrian safety).

9th and Dekum is actually the old layover spot, going back to the 1970s. I don't know when TriMet extended the #8 line past 9th and Dekum, but it had been the terminus of the Irvington line for many years.

And a crack alley well into the '90s.

I believe that stop would be less than a block from the former Oregon NORML / Cannabis Cafe/ Marijuana Dispensary / Oregon Public House as covered Jan 21 by Jack's report by the NYT on the recently PDC funded saloon.

I traced Ryan Saari (NYT reports he "...sits on the board of the Oregon Public House in Portland") and other principals of the some of these entities thru maps, published records & the Oregon Business Registry a week ago and posted the links connecting them all. Excessive links got my post flagged for spam.

Lots of activity at 700 NE Dekum St Portland, OR 97211. An interesting cast of characters and backgrounds as well. They must have some kind of clout.

How about the neighbors stop screwing around dealing with Trimet and just dial 911 on a public indeceny complaint the next time it happens ?

And a crack alley well into the '90s.

~~~>correct, I actually used the defunct DEEKUM MART's bathroom and there were actually crack pipes on the window sills there!

The neighbors should grab their cameras - video might be a nice touch - and photograph the next driver who pees in the park. Then send the photo/video to the local news stations and maybe to the guy who blogs about Trimet. Or Youtube.

I thought that is why the Loos were created, or were they only for the Pearl area?

Not to excuse unsanitary (and unseemly) behavior, but 120-seconds for a pissstop is unrealistic. Labor laws slowly made it mandatory for migrant farm workers to have a loo nearby and the time to avail themselves of it. Yes the TriMet drivers have it far, far better than our agricultural slaves do, but all humans excrete.

I remember when peeing in a bush had the expectation of some privacy. Now I expect to pee on a cell phone.

Don't. It's too small a target, and you'll void the warranty.

[al's link] "Shorter blocks mean more intersections, which leads to more shops...."

After reading the Postcard from Portland, I feel like I need a shower.

Make sure it's a "sustainable" shower, NOLO.

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