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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Those weren't pith balls

Here's a science teacher who's out of work on account of her training films that showed up on the worldwide web.

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common sense eludes too people these days.

I hear her lectures in class were a lot like porno tapes. Everyone paid a lot of attention to the first ten minutes but nobody made it to the end.

Hmmm. When it's a minister, politician, or business leader who's caught in this sort of situation, we're constantly exhorted to "give everyone a second chance" or "hate the sin, not the sinner". Same goes for athletes caught in flagrant lawbreaking, such as involving assault or rape, where the cry is always "These young men have their whole lives ahead of them," so we're expected to show Christian charity and let them get on with said lives. When it's a middle school teacher or someone else in a position where those same ministers or leaders can slut-shame someone who can't shoot back, though, it's a matter of demanding that "everyone should be responsible for their previous actions." Double standard, much?

Hey, Texas, you mean like a certain (ex)mayor?

Hell, yes, PDX. Sammy is at the top of that double standard list, and he took advantage of that double standard for his entire term as Mayor. "Oh, he got caught driving drunk, but don't worry. He'll never get caught again. Meanwhile, those black highschoolers caught with a bottle of Budweiser? Off with their heads!"

All publicity is good publicity in our society. She has a history of doing anything for money so I say she will sell a photo 'spread' to a smut mag within 60 days. 250k? What a circus.

They had to fire her. There is no way any middle school boy in her class could pay attention to anything she was saying after this.

Knee jerk social norms are wrong in this instance. Fear of sex not only annoys me, but it causes so many problems in relationships, society, etc...

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