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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The starting line

I was born in Saint James Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, 59 years ago this evening. The building, pictured above, was here on the map, but of course, it's gone now.

I'm still going, but 2,885 miles away out I-80 and I-84. Mom's still going, and at this very moment she's only about five and half miles from where that hospital room used to be. Life is good. Yay, Mom. Yay, Newark. Yay, Saint James Hospital. Couldn't have done it without you.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Jacky. I guess the next one is huge.

Will we have a 60th Birthday Party a la the annual Cyber-Christmas party?

Nice kickoff to celebrating the day. Happy Birthday.

Feliz Cumple!

May you drink 1,000 wines (more)

Happy Birthday to the most relevant blogger I read. Thanks for keeping us informed, malformed, deformed and much more.
Looking forward to the Big 6-OH!!!

Happy birthday Jack. My best wishes for many more.

Best of Wishes to you and Mom!

Hey then, happy birthday!

May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face,....

Happy Birthday!! :)

All of the above! Thanks for being here.

All the BEST Jack !

Have a great day with your family.

Happy Birthday Prof Bog!

Happy birthday to the best (political) dimples in town. . . .

Herzliche Glueckwuensche! You're catching up.

Happy birthday anniversary, you young pup!

Happy Birthday Jack...
(3 yrs older than me)

and best wishes of the day...

It's Mike

Happy Birthday, Jack! You're about three weeks ahead of me, but my starting place, post hospital, was a cabin on the St. Joe River outside of St. Maries, Idaho!

A toast to many more fine years of family, blogging and keeping the feet of those in charge a bit closer to the fire.

I couldn't decide what to get you, a street car pass or a shiny new compost bin with a lid that works. For the time being you will have to settle for my best wishes. Happy Birthday! Your mom did a good job.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bogdanski.

Hope you like this birthday song.


Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Jack! Thanks for having this blog!

Happy Birthday Jack!
Birthdays seem to have a special feel to the day and sometimes this lingers on for a few days of celebration depending on various gatherings.
Enjoy your day!
. . . and may the feeling linger on throughout the year!!

Getting older is for out there, Jack. Here in cyberspace you get to stay as young as you'd like.

. . . and that is why the cyberspace parties are such fun! We can jump into hot tubs, get a kiss under the mistletoe and . . .

Happy birthday and best wishes for many long years before the finish line is in sight!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Happy Birthday, young pup! (OK, I gots only six months on ya.) Keep it lit!

Jack, thanks for bringing us happiness. You your Happy Birthday.

Sorry Jack. Not great a proof reading lately. Jack, thanks for bringing us happiness. You deserve your Happy Birthday.

consarned confabulated Capricorn(s) ... but I suppose somebody's gotta run the world. The 2013 prospectus appears upbeat improving for the world (of socialism, that is) and its future; and in your case not quite keeping pace with the index, and not downbeat for you either, just steady-state plateau-place keeping on keeping on break-even level managing. Carry forward some of your reserves in the bounty you stored last year, in order to offset a couple losses looming in view, and smooth it all out on average. Even so, losses pain.

Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes.

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