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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Pabst Rose Garden?

The Trail Blazers say they are looking to sell the naming rights to the Rose Garden arena. They're hoping the sale will bring in mega-dough. The last time a big deal like this went down, Jeld-Wen windows bought the name to Little Lord Paulson's soccer palace. Then they got in financial trouble and left the state. That's not a great omen for the Rose Garden.

Who would want their name on the pro basketball house in Portlandia? Someone whose products are in heavy usage among our "creative class," perhaps. But what would that be?

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"That's not a great omen for the Rose Garden."

Au contraire - Can you say the Smith & Wesson Rose Garden?

As a token, Vestas may want to name a drinking lounge inside.

Zig Zag rolling papers?

It will be Comcast, although I would like to see proposals from Dave's Killer Bread and Bob's Red Mill thrown into the mix.

Why not Wieden + Kennedy?

The City of Portland Water Bureau Rose Garden

How about the Big Time Developers Condo Garden? Or the Tri Met Where the Damn Train Garden? Or the Suburu/Hummas Plate Memorial Green Garden?

Hmmmmm. Products used heavily in Portland...

A manufacturer of tattoo ink?

The Third Eye on Hawthorne?

Definitely not deodorant.

I'm pretty certain Jeld-Wen is still in Oregon, so not 100% certain what this post means.

"Just Do It Arena" with Nike moving to PoDunk would fit. That would cover about everything that goes on around there.

Vantucky South Bowl.

The United Streetcar Fieldhouse....

Waste Management Arena. They'd clean up.

Paul Allen might want to talk to the people at Microsoft. Its Seattle money that owns the Trailblazers...might as well be Seattle money paying for naming rights for the Venue

The Stars Cabaret Rose Garden.

Just because we have some many of "those" types of establishments...

Yes Patrick, the Stars Cabaret Rose Garden. The Blazer dancers would fill the place.

City of Portland Sustainability Center. Except this one already exists and is already LEED-something-a-rather-certified.

The Gerding Edlen Garden has a nice ring to it.

With an estimated worth of $14.2 BILLION, the 48th richest person in the whole world (2012) managed to get the City of Portland, a.k.a. you and me, to pungle up $34 million for the Rose Garden construction, plus donation of all the underlying land. Part of the return on that giveaway was supposed to be a vibrant entertainment district rising on and near arena grounds. We're still waiting for that, 18 years after Rosie opened.

So with that as background, let's not lose the opportunity to place a name appropiately reflective of this noble civic boondogle. Garden of the Gullibles? Rip City Ripoff? Arrogant Allen's Place? The Paul Punked Us Pit?

As sports stadium deals go, that wasn't too bad. Compare what we gave the Paulsons, also filthy rich and crooks to boot, for even less benefit. At least with Allen, we locked up the NBA franchise for decades.

"Gerding Edlen Garden has a nice ring"

Would cost us too much.

How about "Livestrong Stadium"? It fits in with the less than genuine bike culture here. Kind of a dopey idea, but you would never have to admit it.

Dutch Bros.?

For your consideration:

I Never Promised You a
___Rose Garden___

Oregbear, is that like "I Never Promised You a Championship"?

We should be honest with ourselves about the "industry" with the most cache in this state - just call it the Public Employee Recreation Stadium (or the "PERS Center" for short).

Maybe we can pay for the naming rights by revenues from a new tax on public sector union dues.

Leave it alone . . . the Rose Garden is just fine as was the Civic Stadium as was the Civic Auditorium.

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