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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The bright good morning voice who's heard but never seen

Here's an interesting site we just stumbled upon: It's about the goings-on in Portland radio.

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As a former radio newshound, I check that site occasionally to read the informative posts of Craig Adams. Much of the other stuff I see is from a small clique taking obscene potshots at one another.

I've enjoyed that site for years - it used to be a lot more about local radio, simply because there was more local radio. So many DJs and other on-air people have been eliminated over the past decade as stations have become consolidated and automated under distant corporate ownership that there's there's just not as much to talk about anymore. So the threads have devolved to politics, religion, and random musings. But there is still some worthwhile info to be found - upcoming format and personnel changes are often leaked here before they're publicly announced, and yes, Craig Adams' history archives are well worth digging into.


Nice quote. I doubt many of your readers caught the reference. Nicely done on an obscure WOLD reference.

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