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Monday, January 21, 2013

Scum in a Roman collar

Here's another one who belongs behind bars.

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Lets hope that the LA County DA has he intestional foritude that he Philadelphia DA did.

There's probably a statute of limitations problem. But there won't be one in hell.

Conspiracy charge. Par of the conspiracy was the ongoing cover up. Lots of over acts. Keeps the criminal act well within the SOL, He confessed in 2012 to the coverup IIUC.

That would work in the federal criminal system for an 18 USC 371 conspiracy and for drug charges under 21 IUSC 846 / 963.

I've never been admited in Calif, but, IIRC, hats the basic theiry he Phila DA used under PA law to go after he folks in the luckily (?) dead Cardinals office under similar circumstances.

Did you ever get your ticket punched in CA, Jack? I know a couple of folks who were AUSAs in CD Cal who are now Superior Court Judges in LA County, but I don't want to ask them, just in case the LA DA indicts and they are in the rotation for possible assignment as the trial judge if an indictment is brought.

I am a member of the State Bar of California, but never did practice there.

The retired cardinal is praying for the victims?!
Bah! Who cares about prayers now? If the so and so had protected those children at the time, prayers to salve his soul now wouldn't be necessary. I hope Mahoney is in Hell now!

I think that the abuse is probably more systemic than even the revelations to date indicate.

I went to Christ the King H.S. in Queens, NYC. We were taught by Marist brothers, who lived on the 4th floor of the school. It was common practice for students engaged in extra-curricular activities to stay overnight at school. At the time, we, good Catholic boys all, thought for sure that the brothers were buggering everything in sight. After graduating, I learned that several of my classmates told people that the brothers were, indeed, imposing god's will on students during these overnight stays. I haven't seen any cases against brothers abusing students (I haven't been following it closely), but I would think that abuse by the brothers was more prevalent due to the fact that the brothers had more contact with young boys than did priests.

Portland Native -

I think you mis spelled "preying".

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