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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Portland's a big city, sometimes

Other times? Well, check out today's breaking news.


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Oh no, not G-Diddy! Curse the gods, this is terrible news.

Excuse me, but a stolen Pomeranian is no laughing matter.

Google this guy - good grief, he's a straight up mess

Prolly not the last we will be reading about this chap.

On the news tonite they did about 4 news stories about dogs; one about some lout that put antifreeze in a dog park, the stolen gangster Pomeranian mentioned above, some idiot that punched a dog then tried to put it in the oven, and yet another chihuahua stolen in a burglary..then hedgehogs are identified as agents of destruction...

Waaaaaaaaay too many dog stories in Portland this week, and this one is the least horrible.

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