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Thursday, January 10, 2013

OMG!!! Are those snowflakes???

Here at Blog Central, we've noticed that there are indeed snowflakes mixed in with this morning's cold rain. Snow! In Portland! Drop everything. Cancel everything. You could die.

Wonder if Mayor Hales has any funny winter hats. He did live in the north country for a while, you know -- out of love.

Anyway, with the temperature a brutal 37 degrees, you can't be too careful. Stay tuned to bojack.org StormCenter 9000.2 for all the latest. Just as a precaution, we'll be conducting our daily griping on a delayed schedule.

Comments (6)

A warning light for outside temperature fired up in my car this morning, accompanied by an audible alarm. Oops. I think I just admitted to having a car . . . .

Snow plus LeBron...Yup, it's going to be a tough day in Portland.

Hard to tell which will require a bigger shovel.

When you live someplace cold for love... you don't need a hat to keep you warm.
(The tax benefits take care of that.)

OK, it took a couple hours but I finally got the tire chains on. When is the snow storm due to hit?

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