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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nothin' but a hound 'dog

It's been a great season in our charity pro football underdog game -- lots of action, lots of drama, and one of the biggest 'dogs of the year came through in the last game. Our final standings turned out as shown to the right.

Nine-and-a-half-point 'dogs came through in three of the last five weeks, making quite a difference in the standings. Some players picked up 9 points in Week 1 as well. Our winner, DB Cooper, jumped off to a quick start in that first week, and although he trailed for a short while thereafter, he assumed the top of the board in Week 6 and stayed in front the rest of the way.

And now it is time for our top five to let us know where they'd like their prizes to go. The recipient must be a charity recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. The prizes out of the entry pool are:

First prize: $475 to player's favorite charity
Second prize: $150 to player's favorite charity
Third prize: $100 to player's favorite charity
Fourth prize: $70 to player's favorite charity
Fifth prize: $45 to player's favorite charity

We also have a generous sponsor who has added $500 to the pot, but on the condition that her match go only to charities whose primary function is to provide "food, school, or medicine." If the top five designate such charities as their beneficiaries, the prizes they'll receive are:

First prize: $760 to charity
Second prize: $240 to charity
Third prize: $160 to charity
Fourth prize: $110 to charity
Fifth prize: $70 to charity

If a winner decides to go with a charity that doesn't qualify for the match -- no problem, we'll just reshuffle the matching funds among those that do qualify. But the first set of prizes just listed are guaranteed so long as the 501(c)(3) criterion is met. If there's any question about whether a charity can get the match, we'll gladly resolve it before the player has to make their final designation.

Winners, just drop us a line at the usual spot and let us know what you're thinking about your prizes. Congratulations to the winners and their favorite charities, and our thanks to everybody who played. It's a seductive little game. Thanks especially to Paul, who invented it.

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And congrats to Jack! I won't say why here.

It's okay to say -- in the other version of this game, I won the top dough. Yay, me! At this time of year, cash flow is greatly appreciated.

The Bojack 'dognostication system (BDS) had a lot to do with it, but there's luck involved, and I definitely had it this year. Rams, Vikings, Redskins -- they all showed up when I needed them to, for no good reason.

Congrats to the winners! Fun game.

Congrats to the winners and especially DB Cooper for a truly outstanding performance this year. Wow. And of course thanks to Jack for running the show again!

Seventh place and only 1.5 points out of the money is my best finish to date. Just like one sweet shot on the golf course makes me believe I can break 100 some day, I will be back next year to hone my 'dog picking skills.

I did some research to compare this year with last year.

Looks like PDXileinOmaha made the top five two years in a row. Extra congrats to him.

Top score in 2011 was 51.5, in the money was 48.5.

Number one finisher Pete Rozelle had 10 winners last year. The highest number of winners was John Ch (2nd) with 11 last year. I think DBCopper hit 12 or 13 this year.

DB Cooper had 12 winners in 20 weeks -- pretty amazing.

Thank You Will.
My hats off to DB Cooper and his outstanding, from what I'm told, Rookie Season. He is our RG III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson equivalent rolled into one with all those great picks.
12 out of 20? Wow!
And it goes without saying, thank you Jack for hosting this annual event and the World Cup Soccer Pool.

Anything over .500 in picking NFL underdogs to win outright is stupendous. Loved being a witness to this year's phenom, DB Cooper, and the game being rapidly afoot from Week 1. Well done!

This was absolutely the most fun I've ever had picking football games. I would have never thought I could pick 12 out of 20 underdog winners. Truly amazing. Thanks for all your hard work Jack.

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