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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Money for nothing

The fancy-pants chancellor of the Oregon university system (Motto: "Don't worry, nobody ever gets caught") will reportedly be paid $295,128 over the next year, and get free health insurance for his well fed carcass, even though he just quit and won't be doing a thing to earn any of it.

This guy was hand-picked by good old Neil Goldschmidt. Man, the odor of decay in this state is strong.

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As long as this area keeps attracting the blind, there will be pockets to be picked.

"On behalf of the board and the students we serve, I would like to thank Chancellor Pernsteiner for his many contributions to our state," said Matt Donegan, president of the State Board of Higher Education, in a news release.

I put this in my decoder ring and it came out, "We got rid of the bastard but it's not really our money so we don't nickel-and-dime the thing. We didn't want to deal with his lawyers."

"George is a caring public servant...

He is going to be spending a lot more time with his family.

... who leaves the university system well-positioned to leverage our current strengths, despite long-standing disinvestment in higher education here in Oregon.

More money would be nice.

""There's tremendous opportunity to change the current paradigm around delivering education to students in the 21st century. Paramount for any higher education system and leader going forward is going to be innovative, the ability to structure partnerships, to lower costs and to improve quality by leveraging technology."

Handling it. (Is "Paramount for ... going forward is going to be innovative" any kind of proper grammatical construction? Or is bureaucra-babble exempt also from laws of English?

Friends Of Neil should set a RICO prosecution.

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