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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Life after federal prison is sweet for Andy

The fellow whom Willy Week dubbed "one of the outstanding con artists of the decade" is now putting on a happy face running a hamburger empire out of Santa Monica.

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Good for him !! He made a mistake and paid his debt to soceity, and now is doing well for himself and his family. But I am sure that does not sit well with the class/share the wealther fighters here in Hipsterville...

The leopard doesn't change his spots. If I had dough to invest, I wouldn't go anywhere near Fatburger.

Speaking of paying debts, I wonder how the city's collection efforts are going with Emilie Boyles?

He's been an arrogant, "gorilla merchandiser" since his high school days. I doubt if anything will keep him down. As for investing with him. Only if I got two seats on the board and my handpicked person in accounting.

A Trojan through and through. Figgers.

It is always interesting to hear people refer to their crimes as "mistakes" or "learning experiences" and have the press give them a rah rah right up. And of course there is the old Blame the Lawyers gambit.

Anyone even been to, or seen, a Fatburger?

I haven't. But I sure hear about In-N-Out all the time.

I wouldn't touch one of this creep's burgers. Never miss an opportunity for In-N-Out. Allow me to recommend the double double. In-N-Out really is "all that."

Sally, would that be Dea's? If so, remember it fondly from many years in Gresham.

NWPortlander, no, that's the In-N-Out California style. Little I like about California but that's among the few. :=)

Fog Cutter Capital's biography of Mr. Wiederhorn describes the gentleman's time in the Sheridan federal prison thusly:

"From August 2004 to November 2005, Mr. Wiederhorn served as a director and Chief Strategy Officer during a leave of absence."

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