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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last dance with the 'dogs

It's come down to the final week in our charity pro football underdog game, and our players have just two contests to pick from:

9.5 BALTIMORE at New England
4 ATLANTA vs. San Francisco

The little home 'dog or the bigger road 'dog? Ah, the intrigue. Here's a reminder of our prizes (not including $500 in matching funds for winners whose charities are about "food, school, or medicine"):

First prize: $475 to player's favorite charity
Second prize: $150 to player's favorite charity
Third prize: $100 to player's favorite charity
Fourth prize: $70 to player's favorite charity
Fifth prize: $45 to player's favorite charity

The standings to date are here. D.B. Cooper has mathematically eliminated everyone else to take the top prize, but second through fifth places are clearly up for grabs. By our cursory reckoning, more than a dozen players are still in the running for those four spots.

Players, your final picks are due by kickoff time of the first game: 12 noon Pacific Standard Time on Sunday. Good luck!

Comments (7)

Jack thank you for the time you put in running this underdog pool. I can't believe I won this thing first time out. To tell you the truth I had more fun playing this thing then any of my fantasy football teams. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Your 'dognostication skills were uncanny. Mine are simply canny.

I can't help but think as follows: If you can pick 'dogs that win outright, you should be able to make a killing with point spreads.

Congrats to DB Cooper for a stellar rookie season!


Mojo's Best Bets
Day at the Dog Races Edition

Little Feat at Rockpalast, Live 1977

Best Bet
(Last week: 0-1; Overall: 11-13 ( 458))

BALTIMORE (+9.5) at New England -- As Tung Yin mentioned last week, it's all about game theory strategy now. Anyone who wants to significantly improve their standing in this charity contest will be jumping onto this dog like sugared-up kids at Doris Day's house. They should be thrilled at the reward I believe they will receive tonight. The Ravens will take it to the Patriots like no one else has this year. On offense, the Patriots cannot matchup against all of the weapons that the Ravens have all over the field, and RB Ray Rice and the Ravens' OL eat up the Patriots like doggie treats.

On defense, the Ravens will be thoroughly prepared and intensely dedicated to punishing the Patriots and shutting down their game plan and forcing turnovers, to boot. On those occasions when the Patriots have the ball on offense, they won't total more than 90 yards rushing and 275 yards passing. Not only will the Ravens cover the spread (for you real gamblers out there), but they will win this game in impressive fashion. Hey Joe Flacco!

Roy Buchanan - Live From Austin City Limits
(November 15, 1976)

X-Factor: The Weather.

Gusty Winds May Impact Ravens Versus Patriots Game


Upset Special
(Last week:1-0; Overall:9-11 (.450))

SAN FRANCISCO (+4) at Atlanta -- No analysis necessary. A no-brainer as a "Best Bet" in picking between this game and the Patriots-Ravens, unless creeping up 4 pts. is a difference-maker for 2nd-4th place and you don't have a gamblers' nerve. As a side note, I believe that the Falcons will win this game. The Falcons secondary will not make the same mistake that the Packers did in playing 2-man defense with their backs to the QB for the first 20 yards downfield. The key to this game may be the health & performance of the Falcons' DL, though.

Oops! Big goof. ATLANTA (+4) is "The Upset Special." ¬°Ay, caramba!

Hmmm...just missed the Pats stats prediction by just 18 yards rushing (108) and 45 passing (320). Nice way to end the year on a confident pick of a big underdog. Thanks for the thrills, Jack.

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