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Monday, January 21, 2013

Kevin makes himself a hot dog

And the comedy writers of America will all get to eat off it.

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I suppose that comic writers need to earn a living, but cruelty to animals just ain't funny.

Anyone ever notice that Everton Bailey Jr. gets to cover more than his share of weird stories? I think he's linked to more than any other O writer on this blog. His byline photo is priceless. It fits the pieces he writes.

cruelty to animals just ain't funny.

The young man who did this has anger management issues that are so severe that some people are going to find them funny. Fortunately, his brother showed up before he killed the dog.

Agree totally Jack. Now if it had been a cat...

Dogs know!
And Pom Mom....cats get even!

Now, this isn't the Usual Kevin, is it?

No one is going to make a joke about this. Truly horrible.

POM MOM: The night police reporter at The O, at least when I was there, receives several press releases from law enforcement in two states each evening to rewrite, expand with additional reporting, or pass on. If there is a run of bizarre news, it is a product of those events.
The job. of course, involved other duties, including going to crime scenes and fires, finding and interviewing people who were not available in the daytime, and almost anything else that needed doing, including obituaries of notable people who have died late in the day.

I suppose a professional comedy writer could do a "Kevin makes himself a hot dog" type joke, but I doubt it's going to happen.

Now the previous story? We did hundreds of jokes about the Catholic Church's policy of transferring abusive priests to another parish. That's part of the pressure these bastards felt.
We also got in Michael Jackson's face about his treatment of kids.

Overall, I still think the world is better off with a forum of protected speech where you can shine some light on situations through humor that one institution or another wants covered up. Just look back at Doonesbury during Watergate where the cartoon strip was saying things the papers couldn't touch.

If that means somebody writes a sick joke once in a while, I guess that's just the price we all have to pay.

"If that means somebody writes a sick joke once in a while, I guess that's just the price we all have to pay."

One man's sick joke is another man's humor.

And if it was a cat, the jokes would be flying!

Cats drule and dogs rule!

Anybody who does not find that whole story a funny joke is just a PETA drone.

Come on, what's not to like?
- dog punched by looser hipster, who...
- lives with Grandma, and
- is afraid of his brother, and
- whose dad calls the cops on him, 'cause
- he bakes a "hot dog", that is a "Chihuahua-Pinscher" mix!

Leno, Buck-tooth and Jimmie are not gonna pass on this one! Hey, this is Oregon, the land of fruits and hicks!

Sorry, but this is a joke! Maybe not funny to you... or maybe a bad joke... but it's a joke!

If you would do it to an animal, you would do it to a human.

PDXLifer - no, it's not me. I'm an animal lover. The only things I would punch, choke, and cook in a 350 degree oven are people who post stupid comments on the Internet, but only figuratively of course because I'm not a violent person.

Oregon is going to make The Drudge Report again....

The dog looks fine on the photo. Not seeing these injuries as described.

This story will get more comments than a good old child abuse story.

One of the Oregonian commenters is shown holding a child and saying that since the dog didn't go to jail for attacking, the kid shouldn't.

I am going to guess that a little creep like this that losers his temper so easy and takes it out on a dog will end up doing much worse later in life.

Lyons, OR + inexplicable cruelty and rage = meth

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