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Monday, January 7, 2013

Kate Brown takes over as press release champ

As we've been documenting for years, the big four State of Oregon politicians other than the governor each have their own set of flacks, and they pump out the self-flattering "news" releases at a brisk clip. Former state attorney general John Kroger was so into this that a few years ago we decided to set up our own press release meter to count the number of missives he sent out on the taxpayer's dime. In 2010, the number was a staggering 142.

Kroger has now left public office and is raking in the big bucks as president of Reed College, but while he was still in office we added his three peers, and since his departure we have kept the meter alive. The year-end results for 2012 are now in, and they show a new top release-sender-outer:

Secretary of state Kate Brown, whose tenure in office has been marred by several blunders, has taken over the title of biggest self-promoter in the group.

Now that these four are safely re-elected, and they can get on with their official tasks of appearing busy and looking the other way, their handout output seems likely to decline. In December, basking in the glow of re-election, the four of them dished out only 10 releases total. Heck, Kroger would do as much himself in a good week. His 142 will stand, like Babe Ruth's 60, for many years.

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It's from North Korea but its REALLY interesting

God forbid the head of an agency with, what, 5 divisions, should send out press releases! THIS TRAVESTY MUST STOP!

"Alon" posts from here. No doubt it's Charlie Burr. Hi, Charlie! Way to kiss up, man.

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