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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is Reese tap dancing to save his job?

Let's see. You're the police chief, and a captain is busted for (a) waving his gun around in a road rage incident and (b) unwanted touching of female subordinates' legs. The citizen review board recommends that you fire him. But instead you put him in charge of the sex crimes unit?

And you do this right after the two politicians who installed you in the chief's job just left office?

Well, yeah, maybe you should reconsider. And maybe you should prepare yourself for a new career opportunity as well.

Comments (6)

So essentially we have at best a rogue cop or at worst a criminal in the Portland Police dept and after the recommendation to fire him he is instead given another job? What does it take to fire the bad ones and keep the good ones?

Incomprehensible. Both should go. Is Reese a member of the "stupid" party. You will not get police officers fired unless you take that responsibility from sworn to non-sworn.

Reese is stupid. Could a member of the stupid party (GOP) get hired for that job? I'll take "NO" for $200, Alex.

The only thing the Chief had going for him was that he was a toadie for Randy. Time to ask Rosie to come back so we can get some competent leadership.

Should be a two-fer. Off with both their heads. It's a screaming no-brainer.

Perhaps we should find out what Derrick Foxworth has been "up" to. Perhaps he's available.

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