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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Imported no more

Here's a "buy local" story with a twist. We were in our local market a while back when we met the guy who makes this stuff. Recently moved to Portland from Texas, he was showing it off at one of those little free sample tables. We loved it, the family loved it, and we ate every last drop in the jar.

Today we went back for another one, and there he was again. He says he's got a new batch being made in Oregon, and the label's going to be changed to reflect that. We don't care if he's got photos from Camden, N.J. on the jar; as long as he keeps providing what's inside, we're going for it. (And no, there's nothing in this for us besides the joy of discovery. We paid retail.)

Comments (7)

If it were from Camden, we know what that means.

Hey. Even Tina Fey does product placements. It pays the bills.

Jack, do you now what other stores they are selling it?

Yes, what lw said... especially if there are any stores outside of the Multno-Metro area.

And I have no problem with product placements, although I'll repeat that Jack said he was getting no financial benefit. If the salsa is good, and bojack makes his vast readership aware of some good salsa, why should he not benefit as well as us?

Thanks for the referral... I love anything that combines 'smokey' and salsa. Now if they only would add some bacon, that would be the nirvana trifecta!!

New Seasons doesn't have it. I called. The preceding was a public service announcement.

If your local store doesn't have it, you can order it online from their website products page. The only drawback is that the minimum order is 6 jars but you can mix and match varieties if you want. They cover the chipping (er shipping). Food Front doesn't carry it either; I looked this evening, wantin' me some o' that smokey goodness . . .

Wow! A friend told me that my products were mentioned on this page. I appreciate all the nice comments. I currently have three stores in the Portland area. Morrow Bros. Produce 9907 SE 82nd. Happy Valley, Or; Cherry Sprout Produce 722 N. Sumner St. Portland; Beaumont Market 4130 NE Fremont St. Portland. Enjoy and please tell your friends.

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