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Saturday, January 5, 2013

If wishes were horses

The picks are in for the first playoff weekend in our charity pro football underdog game, and about half our players are hoping for a little Luck tomorrow:

9.5 MINNESOTA at Green Bay - Jeremy, George, Gary, Usual Kevin, Annie, Coastal Storm, Tinknocker, Cinderella Story
6.5 INDIANAPOLIS at Baltimore - NoPoGuy, Rudie, Carol, PDXileinOmaha, Gordon, John Ch., JMH, Grizfan, Tung, Paul, Lucas, Dr. D, genop, Michael K., Bayou Baby, Drewbob, Pete Rose, MickeyMacNYC, Juicen, Eric W.
4.5 CINCINNATI at Houston - Biggest Cubs Loser, Will, Sola, Bad Brad, genop's gal, Broadway Joe
2.5 WASHINGTON vs. Seattle - Dave A., DB Cooper, John Cr.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the games, all!

UPDATE, 5:36 p.m.: Cincy fails miserably against Houston, which should be a huge 'dog at New England next week.

UPDATE, 9:02 p.m.: The second game put us to sleep, but we awoke to discover that Minnesota was no match for the Pack. No Saturday winners.

UPDATE, 1/7, 2:28 a.m.: No winners in the Sunday games, and thus none for the week. This week's faves should become next week's 'dogs.

Comments (5)

The standings going into the weekend are here.

Vikes starting QB inactivated at 11th hour? underdog with a capital U.

In postseason history, the home team holds a 293-140 (.677) record. More than 10% higher than the home field advantage in regular season play.

And now Minnesota falls to Green Bay.

13 pts. might be good enough to win Indy-Baltimore.

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