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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gore: You can call me Al Jazeera

It's just too, too, extremely weird to digest fully at this late hour.

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I see this move as Al raking it in because he sees an imminent collapse.

Ask yourselves what happens when on top of everything else, Obama care decimates the industry and costs a trillion more than expected?

Obama Derangement Syndrome strikes again. You guys really need to give it a rest. You lost -- badly.

What bothers me is that there has been reports that they turned down an offer from Glenn Beck for Al Jazeera. For the record, I think Beck is a nutcase. But for Christ's sake - He's an American nutcase. I would prefer him to the terrorist enablers and sympathizers of Al Jazeera.

Can't wait for Real Jihadi Wives Sana'a...

The details were messy, but I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Al Jazeera on my local cable. Outside BBC, they may be the best news organization going right now. Certainly the most informative.

And this guy was nearly our Pres...

I thought Current TV had as many viewers as KPOJ had listeners.

Hey, if these guys are dumb enough to give Al another $100M, what can you say?

ODS might be myopia. But, 61 million people voted for the other guy.

The very worst example of a capitalist is someone in it only for themselves, and it's now more than fair to welcome Gore into that club. Just another version of the same old story; a man sells his soul in return for wealth and fame. It never turns out well. It also sheds more light on his true motivation for pushing the climate agenda.

Too bad, Mother Earth is in need of a believable advocate.

The planet will be fine, Gibby; it's the human race that could use some help.

And anyone that is advocating for more American-controlled media outlets isn't paying attention. Al Jazeera will be a net plus for consumers of news in the United States.

And another thing: rational self-interest is the very core of capitalism.

Toughen up Americans. If we can survive Fox News we can survive this.

"And anyone that is advocating for more American-controlled media outlets isn't paying attention. Al Jazeera will be a net plus for consumers of news in the United States."

For those smart enough to divide truth from propoganda. It may be helpful to get another perspective as long as people realize it comes with a specific agenda and is rarely "the news". Most can't even read between the lines when watching FOX.

"rational self-interest is the very core of capitalism."

Rational self interest may be at the core of capitalism, but when it rises to the level of king making to the detriment of others, it gets all Goldman Sachish.

"And this guy was nearly our Pres..."

Obviously, that wouldn't have been a good career move.

As far as ODS, he's there for the next 4 years - Accept it.

Not a big surprise at all. After all, Al Whore is the same guy that owns an oceanfront estate in the Santa Barbara area despite all those global warming predictions of rising sea levels.

capitalism, but when it rises to the level of king making to the detriment of others,

Gibby, this is uncharacteristically naïve of you. Every stock market transaction (just to exemplify -- the concept is much broader) has two sides: a winner and a loser.

It's very odd that people freak out about Al Jazeera like it's some kind of arm of Al Qaeda or Hamas. It generally features really good reporting, and covers regions and topics that our domestic media is too lazy, jaded or afraid to take on. This exaggerated fear of them is ignorant and racist in origin.

I like fox news reporting. their talk shows are as bad as CNN's. MSNBC gets the "worst ever" award in every catergory imaginable. Mr. Gore's presidential loss has become quite a financial blessing for him. impressive.

Brian -

Gore didn't "net" $100 million.

Gore grossed $100 Million.

And he'll pay a few paltry bucks in capital gains axes on that.

Life is good being a liberal Democrat.

Funny how Junior and Senior both did so well financially in politics, isn't it?

Just goes to show you what a wonnerful wonnerful country this is.

If I have ODS merely because I criticized ObamaCare I guess I need treatment.
Perhaps ODS is the treatment to recover from Bush Derangement Syndrome?

Oregon's own (ObamaCare) creation of CCOs with a $1.9 billion 5 year federal subsidy that will almost certainly fall way short has plenty of red flags.

The CCOs sound lovely but I am skeptical.


"CCOs offer wide-ranging care, on a continuum of treatment plans, to Medicaid patients. The state won a $1.9 billion grant to demonstrate to federal officials that the program could save billions in future medical costs."

Unreported is the inability of member organizations to withdraw if they don't get out the first year and that 70% of member organizations can vote to
demand unlimited additional payment from all the members. Without any new source of revenue Mult. Wash, and Clackamas counties (all members of the local CCO-Health Share) will have to pilfer their essential services to hand over what is demanded.

The whole approach is nearly comical in it's presumption that over the first 5 years the need for the fed subsidy will gradually decline to zero. Really?

It all seems so hopelessly European.

Hey! I propose a Weird Al Jazeera Hour with Weird Al Yankovich.

Al-Jazeera, the organization that showed film of protesters in India and claimed that they were Libyans celebrating the overthrow of Khadafi.

If you think these guys are unbiased and play it straight - you just don't know how the modern world works.

Alan L., the stock market is not a zero sum game, so there can be (and often are) two winners in a transaction. Example: I buy a stock at $1 and sell at $2; the buyer holds it and sells at $3. See ... two winners.

Cary is right. For years - nay, decades - the neocon element of our foreign policy establishment claimed that the Mideast needed a professional media operaion by and for Arabs that wasn't beholden to any particular country's government. Then exactly such an outlet signed on, and it drove the Wolfowitz gang right up the wall. Does AJ occasionally get things wrong or exhibit some form of bias? Sure, but show me a news outlet that doesn't. Fox News has for years been showing a five-second clip of a lone African American male loitering outside a polling place and claiming it's evidence of massive Black Panther voter intimidation conspiracy that no one else dares to report on. On the whole, Al-Jazeera is far more professional.

Ah, yes, Molly, it's a right miracle, except maybe for the schlub who sold to you for $1 and is out $2 in foregone gains.

If you call cozying up to the armed wing of Hamas, and Hezbollah (both designated Terror Organizations by the US DOS) "professional" - I guess so. I prefer not to get my news from people that are friends with organizations advocating genocide.

The inconvenient truth is that Al Gore is in the indoctrination business for personal profit and gain.

"Perhaps ODS is the treatment to recover from Bush Derangement Syndrome?"

And before that it was Clinton Derangement Syndrome. That's when the presidential derangement syndromes really started, wasn't it? Couldn't have been coincidental with Fox News, could it?

Presidential Derangement Syndrome is the new norm.

"Example: I buy a stock at $1 and sell at $2; the buyer holds it and sells at $3. See ... two winners."

That worked well with the real estate industry bubble, didn't it. Maybe it doesn't apply to national pyramid schemes. Maybe it doesn't apply when value isn't added for the price hikes.

Sally: But the gallon of gas you USED to buy at a buck, NOW costs $ 4. And the old ones you bought cheap are GONE. So EVERYONE LOOSES. Same with a LOT of commodities.

Al Gore, who belongs to the party that vilifies the “1%”, is a member of that same “1%”, and has no qualms about selling his TV network for a cool $100 million or so. Classic limousine liberal.
Al, who undoubtedly publicly praises Obama’s raising the tax rates on the “1%”, rushed to finalize his sale so it’d close in 2012 so that those same nasty higher tax rates wouldn’t apply to him. Higher taxes are for the "other" 1%, not the "anointed" - like Al.
Al, who publicly vilifies “Big Oil”, sells out to a bunch of Middle Eastern tinpots who are financed by oil, oil and more oil.
This is mealy-mouthed hypocrisy on a grand scale, even for scumbag Al. Makes me want to puke, quite frankly.

America's GREENEST President!

"Al Gore, who belongs to the party that vilifies the “1%”, is a member of that same “1%”, and has no qualms about selling his TV network for a cool $100 million or so."

Selling his TV network that was never worth anything other than what he essentially extorted from cable companies under the regulation of federal agencies badgering them into carrying it. Isn't the economic term for this "rent-seeking?"

Triple agreement on your note of his hypocrisy in timing the sale to avoid the higher taxes that one might think, as a "progressive (cough, choke, gag) Democrat" he would advocate.

What a lock, stock & crock.

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