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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gettin' it done

Congratulations to the Stanford football team -- Pac 12 champion and winner of the Rose Bowl. Way to go, Tree!

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Ugly win. But glad they won. (I've Stanford-grad bro and wife, who were at the game.)

The rest of "my teams" -- Mizzou and Chiefs -- have sucked this year.

Way to go, Red . . . despite the bias shown by Burnt Mushnoggin and his side kick toward Wisconsin! Why is that?

Brent's such an old windbag. I refuse to listen to him. I hope this is his retirement year. We turned him off and streamed the young guys on the Stanford radio station, who are excellent.

Congratulations on a big win, Jack. Plus the Blazers just won in New York!

The football game that rocked on this day was the Outback Bowl: South Carolina-Michigan. Epic and electric. Classic and fantastic. More up to date - less 1958.

Did they all wear the ultra-hip, science fiction Nike uniforms?

No, the uniforms for Michigan and South Carolina looked like they always have - they just played one heck of a game.

At one point the refs made a terrible mistake and gave Michigan a first down, when even the chains showed they didn't make it. This is the play that happened next. Note that the defender makes the hit, then recovers the fumble with ONE hand. Listen to how jacked up Gruden is. This was one of the great college football plays I've ever seen.


Brent reminds me of Yogi's quote on Mel Allen. "Too many words."

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