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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Get ready, Portland

You just know we're going to get one of these -- a building made out of algae. It doesn't get any greener than that. And in what could be a classic monument to Portlandia's real estate development community, it will be slimy, too!

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I can envision it now, a new building for the City Club as directed by their new Executive Director. One way or another, Sam will want that "sustainable" building built!
Such a private/public partnership project!
Watch our pocketbooks here with any collaborations with PDC.
It is easy to be slimy when dollars can be slided into "projects" so needed and who knows better as to how to slide those dollars around than the former Mayor?

I am always cynical about the greenies because they tend to make excuses to give themselves anything they want. Case in point, I was watching this gardening program on PBS yesterday. The guy is building a new garden home. He chose brick because he said it was a sustainable product. I was very dubious of that statement, knowing that manufacturing bricks requires quite high temperatures and produces a lot of carbon. I did a little research on line and came up with this link: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/science-scope/sustainable-bricks-grown-from-bacteria-sand-and-urine/1992

I like this better than building with algae, using bacteria, sand and urine.

I've been in buildings with the green-color solar tint windows: I get a migraine within ten minutes. One can now not only work for pond scum, it is possible to live inside pond scum.
Futurists -- they are soooo eighties!

If we used all BS coming from City Hall we could build a skyscraper.

Wow, it looks like an FAA navigation equipment building. Belongs at the airport.

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