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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Find your dot

If you're stuck at home, afraid to go out in ice-a-geddon, try your luck locating yourself here.

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Interesting to see so many dots in the Rose City Cemetery. It looks like there are more than 50 people there. Homeless? Self reported false address? Or are they simply registered to vote in Chicago?

That's wild. It even show some dots where there were homeless camps in 2010 near our house. Not sure if these are random placements of points bases on density per block, but they look pretty close to where they were before the Port of Portland posted the land.

Still a lot of open space in the Western US.

Part of the Census this last time 'round included obtaining a GPS reading on your front porch. I know, because I walked many Portland neighborhoods recording these coordinates. PDX seemed to mess with obtaining the coordinates of houses within the flight path.

That makes me feel as special as I am.

Very cool, simply amazing that someone did that.

Plenty a room in the zoo.

oh this is hilarious and amazing- we live way out in the hinterlands of Mt Shasta and yep- there are our two dots all by themselves! and a little further over are our nearest neighbors!

Can't zoom in enough. And map won't stay in one spot.

The farm on Oswego Road north and our neighbors aren't on there.

Yeah I'm not on it, neither is my grandfather. North of me there is a prison, it shows up as a squared block of closely spaced people.

The open space comment seems strange, you know this is just a census map right? Those spaces aren't open, as in much of it is in use some way or another.

Jo- I'm well aware it's a census map. Other than the urban pockets, the population density is extremely low compared to rest of the U.S.

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