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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fighting fire with fire

When they're outlawed, only outlaws will have them.

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Just make sure you get a mama gorilla, they do a helluva fine job taking care of the kids.

They will have to pry my gorilla from my cold dead hands.

The only cure for a bad gorilla is a good gorilla. And a gun.

I'm sicking my gorilla on Pistolero.

They are really beautiful animals.

It's important that if you are stopped by the police with a gorilla in the car you politely advise the officer of it's presence.

Satire and extreme sarcasm always get to the point. I thank The Onion for their contribution to society. I don't think people realize how important to journalism they really are.

Make sure your gorillas are always stored safely.

Will PETA be upset if I keep my gorilla locked in a safebox when I'm not using him?

We make people register their cars, and get auto insurance. The same should be true of their gorillas.

So If I understand this correctly, to counter homocidal sociopathic maniacs, I should buy a homocidal sociopathic maniac?

Might just be more reasonable to keep my powder dry, so to speak.

Pretty funny folks. But I don't care what B. Hussein, Biden, Holder, Pelosi, Feinstein, Cuomo or *anyone* says...

Not giving them up, not registering them. Not now, not *ever*...

Hey, it's a joke, get it?

When one can't offer logical, rational solutions, one resorts to emotions.

At least humor is better than the foaming-at- the-mouth rage against the law abiding gun owners.

nanotechnologies... miniature gorillas disguised as spiders. Then spin it and have flying monkeys. Just keep the bullets out of the cookie jar.

Langson, or your dead body from your gorilla's hands. Choices, choices.

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