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Monday, January 7, 2013

End of the world averted

The UC Nike football coach has done his recurring act of interviewing with pro football teams, and it has had the predictable result of making his college fans clamor for him to stay in Eugene. His people are now saying that he will in fact stay, and the rumor last night was that the owner of the university, Phil Knight, made some commitments to the coach in order to keep him in a UC Nike visor. At this hour, we can only guess what those might have been. Why do we suspect that the taxpayers and the English majors are going to be paying more?

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When Casey was rumored to be leaving Oregon state, guess who stepped up to help keep him here.

Chip sycophants are delusional. UofO football coaches are as indispensable as their Quarterbacks. Next!

But there is no Next!, so Chip gets to face the NCAA. I hope they become Bowl intelligible.

Didn't Phil give your Stanford 100 million not too long ago?

Abby Chin's gone from our lives forever. (She got a new gig back East.) So whether or not Chip Kelly went or stayed doesn't seem to matter this morning.

What I like about this story is how wrong the "media" is/was. First he's in the NFL for sure. Then he's supposedly staying in Eugene. Next? Obviously, no reporter has actually talked with Kelly. Talk about manufacturing news.

Abby, gone? Say it ain't so! I thought her bond with Portland could never be cleaved. Are we headed back into Talkin' Bald?

Obviously, no reporter has actually talked with Kelly.

Nor would they want to. What a prince. And be sure to stand on his right side or you won't hear a thing -- he talks out of that side only.

I'm sure that as in most sports negotiations, all news is leaked through an agent.

Lets see what happens with the NCAA.

I can see him turning down TB (rather unmanageable players) and Cleveland (just no players), but sniffing at Philadelphia which seemed to have a real good base just last year doesn't make sense. Maybe its the idea that he'd actually have to talk to the news that freaked him.

Not only is Abby gone but I'm reeling from the knowledge that - not only did Phil Knight attend the Stanford School of Business - it was there when he first realized he was an entrepreneur.

Translation: No Stanford - No Nike.

Ahh, what difference does it make? Abby, why?

I blame Dwight's negativity. 8c)

Speaking of guys named Dwight: If anyone out there is searching for a way to cheer up, I just read that Kobe and Dwight Howard had a heated argument and almost came to blows the other day.

It doesn't make up for losing Abby, but the Lakers in turmoil? That'll cure the Portland blues for you.

Actually Cleveland was looking like a pretty good job. With all the cap room they have, they could have stocked some skill players to run a Kelly-style offense. Would have been interesting, at the very least.

"... the rumor last night was that the owner of the university, Phil Knight, made some commitments to the coach in order to keep him in a UC Nike visor."

The guy appears a legit sports writer. That thought did plicken. Can't tell if he actually might know something or if this is just idle speculation, a lot of which is no doubt going around.

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