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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Earl the Pearl, hangin' with the potheads

Just when it appears that outright legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon is a foregone conclusion, Portland's congressional space cadet is still babbling about the details of the "medical" pot charade. We can almost hear the snickering from here.

UPDATE, 11:12 p.m.: The KGW-TV version of this story, just aired, spun it quite a bit differently. It made it appear that His Honor supports outright legalization. Our guess is that he chose his words carefully and didn't exactly say that. He did say on camera that if the state's voters take a stand on pot issues, the federal government should not interfere.

Comments (5)

So this will be the sop to liquor stores? Give up the alcohol for mary jane?

I figure it's nearly time that you'll need a doctor's prescription for cigarettes but pot will be sold over the counter.

He knows which side the ballot is buttered on.

As part of his assault on the automobile, Earl the car hater is known for aggressively spewing his streetcar shtick and bicycle babble as clean air alternatives to driving. Therefore, Earl the pot pusher, with his support for decriminalizing marijuana, must be endorsing only smokeless pot.

Curious how he suddenly is a supporter of states rights.

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