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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear Mayor Hales

Could you do us a favor? We know they're busy trying to charge people for taking photos of signs, but could you please ask the people in the revenue bureau to publish the forms for the new arts tax? It's January 31, after all, and tax season is well under way.

Some of us are planning to take the city to court to have the tax declared unconstitutional, and it would save both you and us a lot of hassle if you could show us soon just what we're up against.

We couldn't help but notice that the arts already get something like $3.5 million a year out of the city's general fund. If the head tax goes down in court, maybe you can tell Sam's boyfriends and the others involved that that's going to have to be enough.

Congratulations on what you've done so far. It's been impressive.

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Noting your masthead, can we presume your royalty check is in the mail?

Looking at the spending graph provided I was most surprised at the budgeted dollars for Parks and Recreation. It would be interesting to me to find out the percentage of budget spent on parks in the 60s, compared to the present time. Most city parks were pristine back then, with the lawns neatly cut and hedges trimmed. If the percentage is the same, then why do so many of our parks look like they do? My grandfather cared for four of them, and watching him work was like watching an artist at work. Any litter was unacceptable and all fixtures were well maintained. The result was something beautiful the entire city could enjoy. For the dollar amount listed it sure seems we may not be getting the best bang for our buck right now. Maybe a good arts project for the money would be to manicure the parks once again.

Coming soon: An RFP from the City to add a giant, neon 'TM' to the sign. Estimated cost: $250K (including environmental impact study).

Good for you Jack! Glad to see you are taking the fight to them with the update of your masthead.

What is the policy on using an archive version prior to the city takeover?

Rather than being forced to pay $35 to City of Portland to be wasted as they waste almost all of my tax dollars - I'd prefer to donate to a legal defense fund to fight the head tax.

Let us know how we can join the lawsuit against the Arts Tax.

In the case of Portlandia, what was involved was copyright law and photos could still be taken and sold (without charge) if it didn't violate his......if the photo, taken from a public place, included other things besides Portlandia.

Does the city have a copyright on the sign? Somehow I doubt it and a photo could be taken using the same guidelines as above anyway.

Couldn't help but notice the "Stag" sign in the opening video for the Trailblazer game last night. Wonder if they're paying for that cameo?

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