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Monday, January 28, 2013

'Couv teen killed by cops was shot in the back

"Police said the boys took off and that Combs reached for a gun." That's what they always say. Whether it is true in this case remains to be seen.

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"In response to information released by the Clark County Medical Examiner, (ed: shot in the back) the City reminds the public that this matter remains an active investigation that has only just begun," Kapp wrote. "Until the full investigation is completed it is premature to draw any conclusions as to what occurred from the release of a single, isolated piece of information (ed: kid shot in the back). The City will not respond to further media inquiries regarding this matter until after the criminal investigation has been completed and the Prosecuting Attorney has reviewed the case and issued a decision (ed: kid shot in the back)."

Since no Prosecuting Attorney has ever in the past, nor will ever in the future, prosecute a LEO for shooting somebody in the back and killing them, why bother with the investigation?

The saddest thing is that this kid's older brother predicted the police would kill him. It seems like a multi-agency task force could have come up with a way to bring him in alive.

This 'investigation' will be non-substantive window dressing used only to placate. Used as a shield to hide behind.

The case itself though doesn't seem too bad on the face of it. These kids were running around shooting people. One of them was gunned down by police while trying to run away.

"He was reaching for a gun." Aren't they always?

Kudos to the cop !!!! He just saved taxpayers years and years of money by dispatching this life long thug.

Lots of people are "life long thugs" who manage to turn their lives around and become productive people. Dave of Dave's Killer Bread is but one example. That is, after all, the entire point (in theory) of our judicial system. It's not up to the cops to become judge, jury, and executioner on their own, and it is disgraceful that anyone would praise an officer who went down this road.

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