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Friday, January 25, 2013

City watchdogs deplore Reese's wrist slap of bad cop

Now that his patrons, the Sam Rand Twins, have moved on to other things, Portland's police chief is looking awfully vulnerable. His protection of a wayward captain with way too much in his personnel file is drawing big-time brickbats from the city's Police Citizen Review Committee. As well it should -- that cop doesn't belong in uniform, much less supervising people.

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Wondered if anyone would raise hell over this. But hey in Portland firing a cop is, well, impossible and has been for DECADES. Remember "Dont Smoke 'Em, Choke 'Em" and other ourages? Yeah, I know it's easy to lose track.

Citizens Review Committee gets to "review" what mgmt and unions do. No teeth. Waste of time. Paul is right. No accountability. Never has been.

This is really awful. Not even a token nod to the appearance of proper punishment. Is this supposed to make us feel confident in the quality of our police organization and the individuals who comprise it? If I was an honest PPD officer I would be ashamed to be a part of this bunch.

Had I been Mayor, Reese would have been ou on his a** wo minutes after I received a copy of the letter Reese sent todd. Heck, had I been Mayor, and had Reese told me in advance about his decision to retain Todd, Reese would have been out then.

Interesting question for Rod Underhill - given what the panel said about Todd's lack of crediblility - thats lying in layman's language - will the DA's office accept for prosecuion any case in which Todd is in any manner a witness or supervisor?

Very early in his enure, the here oft maligned Mike Schrunk made it real clear in a similar situation that PPB could keep a cop who had credibility issues, but hat no case in which that cop participated in even he most minimal way would be prosecuted. Schrunk made ha sick.

Will Underhill have as much intestinal fortitude?

Point made on another blog about what legal advice Chief Reese received as to the wisdom of firing the captain rings true to me.
There may well be elements involved that we aren't aware of that makes the idea of calling for Reese's dismissal seem a tad rash. Compare: This case and Hillary Clinton needing to explain federal personnel law to a grandstanding US senator.

Plural subject-singular verb error in my comment noted, but not before I pushed the button.

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