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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chip Kelly's gone, after all!

There's your lead story on every news show in the state for a while. Lady-stuck-between-the-buildings, your 15 minutes are up.

UPDATE, 10:21 a.m.: In honor of Kelly, Governor Kitzhaber has directed all state employees to talk out of the sides of their mouths for the next 10 days.

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Geez, when I said that Portland had hipsters crawling out of the walls, I was kidding.

$10 says the folks at TriMet are cheering that they will no longer be front page news for a few days.

Thanks, TTR. Third keyboard trashed by coffee spewing, thanks to you.

Thank goodness we now have three fulltime sports talk radio stations in town so we can hear incisive local analysis of a huge story, as far as Northwest sports are concerned.
Only kidding ... all three are sticking with their nationally-syndicated programs.

Come on Uncle Phil, spend the extra bucks this time and get one with better communication skills!

Lance Armstrong's available.

Well he did upgrade the game of football and make it somewhat watchable.

Too bad he was a first-class A-hole.

This oughta be interesting since someone like Reid lost control of the clubhouse how the great "communicator" Kelly does.

You're right, two seems far too few sides of their mouth to talk out of.

Thankfully he made it the five years to become vested in PERS.

"Hey, Chip, it's Darron Thomas calling. Just wanted to know how you're doing..."

I will eat a cheese steak sandwich in honor of Chip. I might even have some chips with it. Success always breeds haters. And he will have plenty more of those in Philly. Thankfully for him he appears to not give a rip what most people think.

But it is nice to see our firefighters are able to midwife one of Portlandia's Weirdest from her concrete womb. Maybe next she will try to uni-cycle along a powerline. So much better than actually going to bed and sleeping like us poor suburbanites.

That woman was lucky she remained conscious and wasn’t injured. She could have died in there and no one would have noticed until the stench of rotting flesh permeated the area, and even then folks might just have thought it was the aroma of composting.

A hazard they didn't think about pushing urban density on Portland. People getting stuck between buildings.

Men who date a super model are naive to think it will last.

Success always breeds haters.

Being a walking turd to the media does that too.

"Being a walking turd to the media does that too."


Though she should have stopped the stalking short of the parking lot, imo.

From “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s (Eagle’s) Nest”

Young Psychiatrist: Have you ever heard of the old saying "a rolling stone gathers no moss?"
Chip McMurphy: Yeah.
Young Psychiatrist: Does that mean something to you?
Chip McMurphy: Uh... it's the same as "don't wash your dirty underwear in public."
Young Psychiatrist: I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
Chip McMurphy: [smiling] I'm smarter than him, ain't I?
Chip McMurphy: Well, that sort of has always meant, is, uh, it's hard for something to grow on something that's moving.

In case any of you are interested in the gig...


Mighty cold in Philly for that visor!!

"In case any of you are interested in the gig..."

The replacement will be Helfrich but they have to advertise it because state law requires minority recruitment.

Now, there you had to go and wreck it for me.

Mark Helfrich is a minority. He's one of the few born Oregonians we have. Go Mark! And enjoy fishing along the way.

Did the "Lady in the wall" count as ONE "Call for Service" my the Portland Fire Bureau? Because on the news it appeared like most of the downtown firefighters were called on to stand around and watch the two guys actually working.

Check out this pic... and it doesn't show the six guys on TOP of the wall:


I smell sanctions on the horizon. Maybe a Bowl ban?

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