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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another round of Flack-a-Hack

Or is it Hack-a-Flack? We always get those confused.

Anyway, there were big doings in the Oregon government public relations army ranks this morning. First of all, Kate Brown, the emerging statewide leader in self-congratulatory press releases, sent an intimidating message to any would-be competitors by signing free agent Tony Green, former flack to ex-state attorney general John Kroger, as her new p.r. guru. (Has her old mouthpiece, Andrea Cantu-Schomus, been canned-shown the door?)

Back in the days before Kroger's tragic illness forced him to take a $300,000-a-year gig at Reed College, Green pumped out a record 142 press releases for the A.G. in a single year. Yes, there's a cloud over that mark, because many experts believe Green could not have done it without doping, but hey, the flacks are probably all on the juice -- and Green holds the title.

Meanwhile, the Portland school district (motto: "All children deserve an equally bad education") has reportedly hired a new in-house political consultant. It's Jon Isaacs, who was in charge of selling the public the recently passed bond measure that will build LEED-Plutonium study halls for the high school kids to sneak out of to smoke pot.

Why in heck does the school district need a political consultant? Why doesn't it just spend its time and money giving children a great education? When it gets into heavy-duty politics -- the kind somebody like Isaacs is needed for -- it gets into trouble. Remember when Super Carole and some of her pals were busted for campaigning for a bond measure on the public dime, in violation of state law? They were all assessed a fine of a big $75, and some of them walked away from even that, because the proper regulations to enforce state law had never been properly adopted by... wait for it...

Kate Brown!

Sing along with us: "All my life's a circle..."

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Tee-hee! Good one.

Credit Bill McDonald.

I read this blog nearly every day, and I have to say, this is your best post ever. Laughed all the way through.

Well played.

Jon Isaacs was one of the brilliant minds behind the Eileen Brady campaign. It was Jon who insisted that she make sure that her message stayed on track. Her message:

"It is a myth that we cannot have a green, sustainable, compostable, chicken-raising, naked-biking, tolerant, rail-riding, voodoo donut eating progressive city and a vibrant economy."

I understand he was also the mastermind behind all her chicken coop photo ops.

"that will build LEED-Plutonium study halls for the high school kids to sneak out of to smoke pot."

You mean if they are there - The grad rate is 2/3rds now.

Remind me again why govt is any different than any other for-profit business.

You didn't even mention Yvonne Deckard getting paid $15,000 a month (!!!!) in no-bid contract (!!!!) from PPS with basically no strings attached:


The post is outstanding and the re-election of Kate Brown still really depressing. Pretty much a death knell for hope.

Tony Green, unlike fellow cyclist Lance, needs no artificial stimulants. The Oregonian had him whipped into story-or-more a day shape before he went on the state payroll.
And is that J. Isaacs as in Seafood Mama? If so, spreading the word about "Harden My Heart" was a real public service.

What's the Over/Under on "the Browns" then, for 2013?

. . .the re-election of Kate Brown still really depressing.

Particularly since in my view we were presented with a choice/choices
this time and it would have been a welcome change.

. . . and needed.

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