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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another place to surf

Keeping up with all the Portland and Oregon news that's on the intertubes is quite a challenge. We're late to the party in discovering this site -- NWWatchdog.org -- which looks pretty interesting. It's tied to this national outfit. Is there an agenda behind it, aside from stirring things up a bit? Let's hope not.

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There is definitely an agenda behind it. Whether that's good or bad is a matter of opinion.


Funded by the Franklin Center for Goverment and Public Integtrity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_Center_for_Government_and_Public_Integrity

Who is funded by the Sam Adams Alliance (no joke), an organization "funded by (anonymous) private donors.

The Sam Adams Alliance is run by Eric O'Keefe.

There is always an agenda but that does not means something is not true or useful or both at least some of the time.

I'm left wondering if GEORGE is a fan of useful lies.

Columbia School of Journalism, which I tend to trust states:
"The Franklin Center is perhaps the most ambitious conservative news organization you’ve never heard of. Founded in 2009 by Jason Stverak, a former Republican campaign operative, and initially funded by over $2 million in seed money from the conservative Sam Adams Alliance, the Franklin Center funds small online news operations in 18 states. "

I'll also note Wikipedia states:
"The Franklin Center has co-sponsored programs with Americans for Prosperity and James O'Keefe."

Anything connected to James O'Keefe is a dealbreaker for me.

From "Sourcewatch"

Staff Ties to Conservative & GOP Organizations

The center was launched by the Chicago-based Sam Adams Alliance (SAM),[6] a 501(c)(3) devoted to pushing free-market ideals. The Franklin Center also receives funding from the Wisconsin-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation,[7] a conservative grant-making organization.[8]

The Franklin Center’s president, Jason Stverak, is the former Regional Field Director for SAM, served as North Dakota Executive Director for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and former Executive Director of the North Dakota Republican Party.[9][10]

The Center's Director of Donor Relations Matt Hauck is a former Associate at the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. [11]

The Center's Chief of Staff Gwen Beattie is the former Director of Development and Operations at America's Future Foundation, an organization committed to "identify and develop the next generation of conservative and libertarian leaders."[12]

The Center's 2009 IRS 990 form lists Rudie Martinson as director and secretary, who formerly worked as the assistant state director for North Dakota's chapter of Koch's Americans for Prosperity.[13]


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