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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another bad Portland cop gets off easy

Remember the Portland police officer who got himself arrested in Idaho for flashing his gun at a motorist in an off-duty road rage incident on I-90? He also has problems with touching female employees' legs and not telling the truth about his temper tantrums. And although the police discipline board recommended that he be canned, the Sam Rand Twins and their hand-picked police chief figured busting him down to lieutenant was punishment enough. Oh, the agony of being a mere lieutenant.

Mayor Char-Lie keeps nattering about changing the police bureau culture. That seems highly improbable in any event, and under the current chief, it doesn't seem even possible.

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"... after finding he inappropriately touched female employees [by the review board], ... the chief re-assigned Wyatt to the detective division... supervising ... sex crimes investigators Jan. 2."

The new mayor needs to replace the SamRand toady he has as a Police Chief. Obviously, Reese is incapable of good judgment.

So at lieutenant, I bet his salary is still way, way up there, and of course the retirement account just keeps ka chinging away. I didn't see the O post his salary; they should.

Untruthfulness is a discretionary disqualifying event. Has this been reviewed by DPSST yet? Every once in while they do revoke an officer's certification.

Opulent in their training they are told to empty their first magazine and reload. Gee, seems excessive, and inconsistent with firing your weapon till the threat is over.

But, this policy, as many others covers their six.

What a great move to put him in charge of investigating sex crimes. C'mon Charlie, step up and fix this.

"Gets off easy" seems an unfortunate phrase, all things considered.

Corrected: His rank is Bad Lieutenant.

Sometimes I think they're just f***ing with us. Putting a guy who has problems with sexual harassment in the sex crimes unit? Not unlike putting the Nazi sympathizer/fan boy in charge of training newbies.

I worked next to Reese 20 years ago. He is (simply) a management tool, and will do or say anything the higher ups want. That's why he's chief.

Forgive the vulgarity, but I wouldn't walk across the street to urinate on him if he were on fire...

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