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Monday, January 14, 2013

Alert! It's snowing.

Check your emergency supplies -- there is precipitation in the air in Portlandia this morning. And it's 31 degrees. Warning! This is below freezing, and so there could be trouble.

From our vantage point at Blog Central, it looks like very fine snowflakes. But it could be the dreaded freezing rain. Or maybe we need to wash the windows. Stay indoors, and tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000.2 for all the latest closures and advisories.

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This morning, things were cold enough that we had sleet. Said sleet wasn't anything that stuck, but instead it blew around like the individual pellets in Styrofoam. Be glad you guys only have snow, because the drivers were even crazier this morning over that sleet than usual.

For some real winter weather it's a balmy 26 BELOW zero this morning in Lakeview under clear, blue skies.

It's in the 30's in L.A.

This weather pattern sometimes doesn't end well.

It's supposed to clear up and get warmer. A lot of things are supposed to happen.

I'll refresh Stormcenter every 20 minutes for the latest.
This is a dangerous development. Think of what it might do to the streetcar schedule. My cat actually didn't want to go out this morning, maybe it senses something.

The kitties know.

OMG! What are we gonna do?! Batten down the hipsters!

Anthropogenic Global Cooling?

I hope Miss Maidenform puts on a Parka.

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