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Saturday, January 19, 2013

After 13 gruelling days on job, Char-Lie takes vacation

We were hoping that he wouldn't do exactly this. What a waste of time and (we presume, taxpayer) money.

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Obama is the only president to be officially sworn into the presidency in secret twice. The first time, Judge Roberts screwed up the public ceremony, so they had to do it in secret later.

This time, he is being sworn in secret on Sunday because legally he cannot wait till Monday. The Monday thing is just a publicity stunt to try to cement his legacy with the late great Dr. King.

Wasn't Hales already back in DC for the Mayor's gathering?

Did you catch this in the same Willie Week Issue, another Friday before a long weekend Press release


How is ts "secret" if we all know about it? Isn't "private" a more appropriate term?

Bart, please speak up. It's hard for them to hear through those tin foil helmets.

Bart's mistaken on this. It'll be secret because Obama will be swearing allegiance to Kenya and Sharia law.

Mayor of the largest city in Oregon travels to DC to attend inaugural, has a busy schedule of events and meetings. Most every influential Democrat in the state of Oregon will also be in DC.

How exactly is this a problem or even a "vacation"?

Oh, kissy kissy, Reedie Paul. In case you haven't noticed, the city that people like you have been pushing for decades isn't exactly coming together. In fact, it's going broke, it has no real economy, and unless the ship is righted soon, it won't have one for the rest of our lifetimes. Maybe Char-Lie needs to stay home and work on what to do about that, instead of dropping everything for a week to traipse off to Washington with his wife, dress up in a monkey suit, and act important standing next to the brain trust of Wyden and Blumenauer.

Rumors chuck is trying to get Disability from Social Security, tripped on his promises and clipped his integrity beyond repair. So sad.

Aside from Princess Nancy, do you suppose other local Groupies are going along on your dime?

Congressman Blumenauer’s Open House, noon-4 p.m.

Hope the Mayor and his wife remember to ride their bikes to bowtie's soirée!

Cut the guy a break.  I'd say he just saw an opportunity to visit DC on the cheap.

All you 6B rubes should just suck it up! At least Mr Mayor won't upstage the President with a press conference about his Breedlove sex-capades. Be glad he is outta town. The more he is gone from Portland, the less damage he can cause.

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