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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Admiral Randy: above the law

Now that he's out of power, people are starting to turn over some rocks where the Fireman used to sit. And oh, what they're finding. Too funny.

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It explains a lot. Older unpermitted saunas have been determined to be one of the leading causes of brain shrinkage.

This development should be useful to Ted Papas in his lawsuit. I hope he'll recover against Leonard personally, rather than forcing taxpayers to pay still more for Leonard's megalomania.

So...Randy's looking to sell his house for much less than either his original asking price or what he still owes on it. Anyone wondering why he's suddenly in such a hurry to sell? It couldn't have anything to do with his getting the hell out of town before something else turns up? And how long before Sam Adams joins him in a quick short sale?

The Greek Cusina was a disaster waiting to happen. I'm glad it was shut down.

How many of us in a similar Leonard Pickle can just have a friendly call-up to the city and have a un-permitted addition just magically go away, and probably without a fine and maybe even a fee?

Unpermitted may be unsafe if there were a fire. I think one of these may be in order on the front door of this home.

And has word gotten out to Randy's distressed pricing situation? If this sale doesn't close, perhaps someone in the fire bureau may want to pick it up for a bargain after it's red-lettered.

My memory fails me again. What was Randy's position on "Dignity Village" being required to pass those same electrical inspections? When a fire kills and injures the homeless as a result of faulty heating devices, surely the taxpayers will not be held liable.

So Randy has again demonstrated his fiscal irresponsibility in his PERSONAL finances as well? What a shock !

Can we have a show of hands that believe he'll honor his legal and moral obligations? Surely, he'll write a check to his mortgage holder for the shortfall on his short sale.

How much is Randy collecting from ALL of his public retirement checks again?

Has he collected enough to get out of Dodge before any house of cards fall down?
Apparently former Mayor had to stay in town.

Got to still love his inimitable arrogance:

WW called Leonard to ask him about the sauna. The normally chatty Leonard said he didn’t want to talk.

“I’m retired,” Leonard says. “I don’t do interviews anymore.”

Oh no, he would not want to have to answer now
for the mess of a path he took our community down.

Fireman Randy aka The Hose Guy after preaching high density bunkers on everybody else now wants to sell his house so he can move to the county side for solace (as noted in the O at the end of his term). A hypocrite? Definitely! Being a stickler for the rules when it came to safety even creating his own HIT team; it is time The Hose Guy himself gets hosed – hit with a hefty fine for not following the rules he enforced and supposedly expected everybody to follow.

Now that he's retired, I think "Hot Tub Randy" is a nickname that suits him better than "Admiral Randy."

“I don’t do interviews anymore.”
I will add now watch for favorable editorials and favorable comments in the PWB book!
Interesting it looks like he likes the heat of the sauna but not the heat of the press!

Don't do as I do, do as I shout, belittle, and demean and rant.

On the farm, all animals are equal and some are more equal than others.

The Hose Guy after preaching high density bunkers on everybody else now wants to sell his house so he can move to the county side for solace

Quite a few Metro employes work outside the Metro boundary; at least one high up guy in a McMansion outside of Canby, in rural Clackamas County, just barely outside of Metro's line.

At least Portland has residency requirements for its councilors, but that doesn't mean they have to live in Lents or St. Johns.

Were can we get a big "U" to post over his front door?

Whoops, where.

Regulations, like taxes, are only for the Little People.

My heart is warmer knowing that Citizen Randy took a bath on his McMansion.

Sustainable living like Al Gore.

He used his sauna, who knows if he took a bath or showered afterwards.

Is anyone really surprised?

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