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Friday, January 25, 2013

Another tour of duty

That oversized gourd that has been greeting visitors to Blog Central since Halloween -- through Thanksgiving and Christmas as well -- is on the job for at least one more holiday:

There's a date with Stenchy in her future, however.

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Stenchy, "could " get lucky, one never knows

but wait wait....St Paddy's Day isn't that many more days....a mere month and with the winter weather surely it can wait for Stenchy?

Our new favorite icon, guitarman.

Maybe you ought to cook up this tasty squash-like treat instead. It certainly would be a different form of recycling.

Think of those poor folk in North Plains (Stenchytown) you'd be saving from the extra stink. SAVE NORTH PLAINS!

Well, that tack you put in it to hold the heart on will be it's demise, as it's protective shell has now been penetrated. Look for mold to arrive very soon.

It's not tacked on. It's on an elastic band wrapped around the vegetable.

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