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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where Fred Meyer failed, China succeeds

The last holdout has been removed -- for just $41,000.

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That's too bad: the owner said he invested $95,000 to build it.

I sincerely doubt he "agreed" to $41,000. This article reads like a PDC Press Release.

When the FM store was built at 82nd and Johnson Creek Blvd there was a small family restaurant facing 82nd Av. The guy had been there forever serving the local 82ers. He refused to sell for the price offered so they built around him. His eatery remained right in front of the store for a time, not sure whatever happened to it. Mainly a breakfast diner type place, wish I could recall the name.


Are you thinking of Ron's Restaurant? (If so it is still sitting pretty much in the FM parking lot.)

I've driven by a number of times and thought of stopping to try the place but never have.

Perhaps exporting half of the US obstructionist lawyers would fix the imbalance of trade deficit AND level the regulatory playing field with the Chinese.

Or maybe we use some ECO DEVO money to build a network of law schools in China?

Imagine the total legal fees (both sides) if that house was in Lake Oswego.

Ignorant lawyer hate has always confused me. The thinking seems to be that without attorneys things would be more fair and somehow the laws wouldn't be so complex? Silly.

In this instance I see it's mostly a dissatisfaction with democracy. At least that I understand.

Bingo Michael. That's it. I remember the owner telling me he was offered building value only with little or no consideration for the business he built. Glad to hear he's still there. The old time local 82 business owners used to meet there in the mornings to solve all the world problems. Great atmosphere then.

And the Kelo property, last I read, was an empty lot.

Well, JO... if you cannot understand then general population's dislike of the profession, (excepting Jack, of course) I'm going to guess you are on the receiving end of checks to lawyers and/or are easily confused.

It wasn't me that said, "The more laws, the less justice". It was Cicero in 70 BC or so.

Unlike lawyers, no one has written hundreds of books denouncing MY profession. Never heard an hour of dark comedy directed my way, either.

I've always said lawyers are more like nuclear weapons. Nice to have in reserve, handy to let it be known you have one, but once used, nothing is ever the same.

I still say we have WAY too many, and the U.S. would benefit if China had a lot more of them. Nothing personal... unless it fits.

And I can't imagine that FM moving in around Ron's restaruant hurt his business any, I would think all those potential customers would be a good thing.

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