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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wes Cooley's going to jail

The former Central Oregon congressman's got to show up at the Graybar Hotel on March 11, supposedly for a year and a day. At least it's a federal rap -- tax crime. But the underlying evil was that "Cooley and two others [allegedly] lured victims into purchasing unregistered stock in Bidbay.com Inc. by falsely telling them the company was being acquired by eBay."

Too bad for Cooley that he didn't stay in Congress longer. After a while those birds mysteriously become very, very rich -- and typically, untouchable by prosecutors.

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Remember that trust funder Greg Walden, my congressman, got his start as a kid as Wes's top aide and has never had a real job since.Went from Cooley's flack into state legislature into Congress. And of course that his residence is the Portland suburb known as Hood River is really galling to many of us out here.

As Mitt and friends have been telling us, the big problem is that over regulation has been strangling the economy. You puff up your stock with a few lies and suddenly the government is looking over your shoulder and saying, no-no.

I remember this conspicuous phnony. Anyone who " invested" in any scheme he offered should also be sent to jail for unsalvageable stupidity.

I hope he finishes out his days on this planet cleaning out toilets.

I was wondering whatever happened to ol' Wes. Now there's a man who demonstrated a proper application of the term "free-range Soylent Green", as I always figured his last words would be "Hold my beer and watch this." This just confirms my longtime suspicions.

Walden got his start at the Oregon Legislature working for the GOP House members. Cooley for a time lived with his his now-wife and there were accusations that she was illegally receiving VA benefits after her husband died while on active duty. If she was living with Cooley as husband-wife, she was not entitled to those VA benefits. That issue faded after Cooley resigned from Congress. The funniest aspect was Cooley claimed to have served in the Korean War..but in fact he never left the USA.

Actually Walden may have worked for Congressman Denny Smith before working for Cooley.

Paul, the VA benefits issue was even better, Cooley first tried to claim that it was all right that she got those benefits, because they weren't married, according to him. Then the O (back when it was still readable) noted that he declared her a dependent on his income taxes, which was tax fraud if they weren't actually married. I was waiting for him to get a few years in PMITA Prison for tax fraud, but I really shouldn't be surprised that everyone dropped their investigations after he left Congress. Slimeballs like that don't change after they've nearly been busted: they just find a new scam.

Thank, Texas, I had forgotten those details. This getting old is for the birds...

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