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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yo, Adrian!

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have chosen the puppies they hope to find under the tree:

14 JACKSONVILLE vs. New England - Usual Kevin
13 TENNESSEE at Green Bay - Gary, Ted, Annie
13 CLEVELAND at Denver - Jeremy, Biggest Cubs Loser, Eric W.
9.5 OAKLAND at Carolina - Tinknocker, genop's gal, Coastal Storm
9.5 MINNESOTA at Houston - PDXileinOmaha, NoPoGuy, Rudie, Bob, George, Will, DB Cooper, Tung, Cinderella Story, Drewbob, Bad Brad, Dr. D
6.5 KANSAS CITY vs. Indianapolis - Pdxmick, Broadway Joe, Juicen, Gordon
5.5 ARIZONA vs. Chicago - genop, John Cr., John Ch.
4.5 PHILADELPHIA vs. Washington - Lucas
4 CINCINNATI at Pittsburgh - Carol, Sola, Paul
3 ST. LOUIS at Tampa Bay - Pete Rose, JMH, Dave A., Michael K., Grizfan
1 NEW ORLEANS at Dallas - Bayou Baby

Quite a few are following our leader, who revealed his pick publicly a few days back. We'll see if he jinxed himself with that move. In any event, happy holiday weekend, and enjoy the games, all!

UPDATE, 2:27 p.m.: Four 'dogs produce points for our players in the first games, including, of course, DB Cooper's pick, Minnesota. St. Louis, Cincinnati, and New Orleans all succeed.

UPDATE, 9:00 p.m.: With no winners among our players in the later games, here's where we stand going into the final week of the regular season:

DB Cooper 57.5
Will 44
George 37
Tung 34
Michael K. 33.5
Pete Rose 33.5
NoPoGuy 32.5
Grizfan 31.5
Drewbob 30.5
JMH 29.5
Paul 29
PDXileinOmaha 28
Bad Brad 25.5
Broadway Joe 25.5
Tinknocker 25
Sola 23.5
Ted 22.5
Cinderella Story 22
Juicen 22
Dr. D 21.5
Dave A. 21
Rudie 20.5
Pdxmick 19
Bob 18.5
genop 18.5
Annie 18
John Ch. 17.5
Ricardo 16.5
Jeremy 15
Usual Kevin 15
Bayou Baby 14.5
Carol 14.5
John Cr. 14
Gordon 11.5
Pete Rozelle 11.5
genop's gal 11
Eric W. 10
Biggest Cubs Loser 9.5
Coastal Storm 8
MickeyMacNYC 6
Lucas 5
Gary 0

Comments (3)

Go Vikings!!!!!!

I hope the Vikes do it next week, too! And how 'bout those Seahawks, huh?

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas!!!!!

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