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Saturday, December 15, 2012

We the people

Here's an amendment to the Constitution that's long overdue.

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Given that MK-Ultra is real (and has been confirmed by the powers that be), and other horrific incidinces, what exactly do you think we should do?


"Interesting" that finding internet evidence of intentional exposure is so difficult.


All of you Bojack readers who are supportive of a "strong" government, please justify these activities.

Are those of us who distrust goverment really wackos? If so, how do you justify given documented government activity?

We already have this right. I have the right to not watch TV incessantly, and I exercise that right consistently.

Funny that the foaming at the mouth main stream media isn't reporting the fact that the reason there were so few injured/killed at the Clack Town Center is because a CCW permit holder drew his weapon on the shooter when his gun jammed.

Once the shooter got his gun working, again he offed himself once he was facing resistance from someone that was armed:




Too soon for comedy.

I'd like to relay this sentiment.

BB, why would you figure LEFTISTS know much at all ?
There is no reason at all not to think weapons are terrible, and the killers are not responsible for their own actions ? Sammy and his bunch need to respond to every incident involving weapons. They could bring a ladel, or a big spoon. Regular citizens, the unwashed, are allowed a fluffy pillow to protect themselves0 , if they had a CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT, till Sammy and his crew show up. Or, those that want very strict weapons laws, move to Chicago, maybe Washington, D.C..

YEP, that is the answer, maybe N. Korea, or other garden spots. Your choice.

If one anti-government gun nut can give one shred of factual support for their deranged fantasies about the government then maybe the right of lunatics to carry assault weapons will be off the table of rational discussion. Committing a crime and wrapping yourself in the flag of "politics" does not make it any less of a crime. The Weathermen, Eco-Terrorists and OK City proved that. This is not N Korea nor is it Nazi Germany. It is a Democracy, if a flawed one. At no time ever in our recent history has anyone needed a gun to stop the government from doing anything...not since the revolution. This is not 1791, even if your brain is still lagging behind the times. There are a lot of things that it is illegal to do...adding owning an assault weapon to the list is going to do nothing except make things a little better than they are now.

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