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Monday, December 31, 2012

U.S. soldiers nuked by Fukushima file lawsuit

They say Tokyo Electric lied about how bad the radiation levels were, coming off the four trashed reactors in the days after the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and triple meltdown. The Americans are citing unusual medical problems and a lack of candor by the Japanese utility and government. Like many other victims of nuclear power who have been poisoned before them, the Yankee soldiers are about to find out how difficult it is to get any sort of justice when you've been irradiated and lied to about it.

Meanwhile, here's a creepy story about the involvement at Fukushima of the U.S. "Consequence Management Response Team..., affiliated with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), a semi-autonomous agency of the Energy Department..." The Energy Department are the merchants of death in charge of manufacturing our nuclear weapons. The news that they have a "semi-autonomous agency" -- translation: not accountable to anyone -- which in turn has a vaguely defined "affiliate" that runs around the world compiling secret data on post-accident radiation levels? Its nothing short of spooky.

And here's an excellent summary of a year's worth of news from Fukushima that nobody in the American mainstream media thinks is noteworthy or interesting. It will go down as one of the major tragedies of our era, and the damage will last for many generations, but the press' attention span for it in this country was only about a month.

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