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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Uncle Phil has been shopping

One place he looked was the 'Couv.

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Per the article: However, he [Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt] said non-disclosure agreements prevented him from sharing the company's name or any other specifics about the proposal. ..... Other city and economic development officials said they could not talk about any part of discussions with the unnamed company, citing a non-disclosure agreement.

Doesn't this guy realize that getting into bed with Nike usually tends to shorten one's political carrer?

Frankly I'm surprised Nike doesn't bolt across the river to unincorporated Clark County. Lots of room to expand and grow, much lower taxes...and it could probably sell off the (not in) Beaverton campus for a huge sum of money, likely to a consortium of government agencies, and build an even better campus north of the river.

Then when Adidas decides to be closer to its customers on the east coast...leaving another big office building in Portland vacant...

I always thought Nike had Boise on the top of the list.

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