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Monday, December 24, 2012

Triple dipper

The "green" kids have got nothing on us. We reuse and recycle, although maybe we're not so great on the "reduce" part of the prayer. Anyway, back when it was jack-o'-lantern time, the Mrs. and the kids brought home a tall gourd that was so interesting in its natural state that they left it uncarved. We're not sure you would even call it a pumpkin. Anyway, it joined our front porch Halloween display, then added to the atmosphere of Thanksgiving, and now is doing one more turn as a Christmas elf:

When the new year is here and the holiday trim is put away, that gal is heading for North Plains. But not before we will have gotten our money's worth out of her.

Comments (13)

Make a pie!

Put an elf hat on Randy, and I'd say separated at birth ...


I am impressed, Randy,dress shirt, coat and
tie, wearing blue jeans. Words cannot do that image justice.

I sure hope Mr. Leonard enjoys a life of leisure now so as to free us from anymore of his governance. Is there much difference between a place of several very like minded symbiotic dictators and a place of one over-arching dictator? At least in Rome, you'd occasionally see one of the dictators get removed by a competing, up and coming dictator. But could be worse: could be under the tyranny of fat cat, all knowing Mayor Bloomberg.

Small(er) as in governance is beautiful!

Eweew! Too creepy....maybe the fireman will have a new gig at the Pumpkin Patch next year....and/or Elf on the Shelf?
And channeling Gov Retread too! Not one original thought or fashion statement...ever!

I wonder if Sam helped Randy put that ensemble together.

What is really sick is that he probably believes that is a flattering photo of himself.

Sam was not his stylist, definitely the Kitz. Sam would have directed him to trim his eyebrows. He needs some serious manscaping.

And that jacket! Soooo 1983! And who told him that tie was OK?
And what? is with the thumbs? Just ewweew!

Randy's photo is like his governance style; all ego and nothing else.

I'm sorry, but I'm taking that photo down and replacing it with a link. I really can't bear to look at it.

OHH!! Those are thumbs!!!

Thanks Jack. Much better in a link than trying to scroll as fast as possible,
in my view, has a sinister look.

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