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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Too bad about the Beavs

Oregon State played football on the national stage yesterday -- the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio -- and it ended badly for them. We caught the third quarter, when the Beavers were having some success, but they looked pretty shaky. We weren't surprised to tune back in at the end and see the Texas quarterback taking a knee to seal the victory.

The pundits were in agreement that the second-half play calling from OSU coach Mike Riley was terrible, and quite a few suggested that the team had the wrong quarterback in the game. Cody Vaz, the one who did play, did not look good. We'd much rather have his Texas counterpart, David Ash; he seemed like quite a footballer in the minutes we watched, although we hear he had a bumpy start to the game. Anyway, condolences to the Beaver faithful, who deserved a better outcome.

Comments (5)

Thank gawd the hapless and outgunned Beavs were only playing an unranked, multiple-loss opponent with suspended players. Imagine the carnage if it'd been a really tough team?

The Beavers were horrible. Vaz especially, ugh.

To me the Beavers are always playing Oregon. That one they were outgunned. This one they committed suicide, assisted suicide maybe, but mostly suicide.

Painful end to a promising beginning.

College football "bowls"... yawn. Wake me when the national championship happens.

What was this, the game to decide the #20 ranked program? I don't understand the attraction.

That's easy, Brandon. For fans, the attraction is the game. For the sport, the attraction is the money. The multiplicity of bowl games brings enormous revenues to television, to the venues, to the schools.

Sadly, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Man, this is enuf to send a besotted Mikke Parker back to Dennys to eat napkins on viral YouTube.

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