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Friday, December 28, 2012

This 21st Century life

Today we had a wonderful experience, thanks to the iPad that appeared at Blog Central back around Black Friday, and the stand for it that showed up on Christmas: We watched live college football while seated on the toilet. In high definition, no less.

It gave new meaning to the term "download." We were streaming, too!

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boo. hiss.

You pick one of those things up, you gotta wonder where it's been.

L.O.V.E. my iPad!

Just you try to get the text to increase in size and reflow on my lawzone.us site (un&pw onefreeshared). I want to see the iPad/iOS equivalent to the use of control-scroll in any web browser window on any Windows or Linux box. The crisp text, when zoomed, is pretty but functionally useless to me if I have to forever slide it left and right to read it. (Sorry for my "cranky" attitude about your new toy but I just went to the mac store and apple store to play with and test the new mini. I have spent more than a day trying to overcome its design and useability limitations, and decided it is not worth more effort than this comment here.)

Too much information.



So now EVERY game is a bowl game...

For some reason, my eyes keep reading the penultimate word as "steaming".

Most def TMI.

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