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Friday, December 28, 2012

The wrecking of Portland, cont'd

It's sad to think that this guy's about to make decisions about the Portland area's future. What a mess. Remind us to take the kids to see Spokane and Boise.

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Does it shock you that he wants to gouge every single person that crosses the river in a car? He used to be director of one of the most anti-car groups in Oregon.

Isn't it against the Oregon Constitution to put a toll on 205 anyway? I thought that tolling was only legal to pay for improvements on that route, and then have to be removed once the bonds are paid, like happened with the original Interstate Bridge...

Oregon taxpayers shouldn't be exposed to avoidable financial risk

Exactly. Like the avoidable risk that we are faced with for nearly every "Transit Oriented Development" that has cost local governments millions on top of millions in lost revenues for schools and other vital services. Or the $10 million a year we're spending to subsidize the failed WES Commuter Rail system, or the $10 million that regional taxpayers are paying to subsidize the City of Portland Streetcar while cutting regional transit options.

Let's eliminate the avoidable financial risk. Let's start by axing many of the projects Stacey has himself personally championed.

And I'm at a loss to find the risk in widening a clogged freeway bridge that is already operating over capacity. I do find a lot of risk in spending a billion dollars to build three miles of light rail track, though. Or a billion dollars to build seven miles of light rail track to Milwaukie because a few vocal people think they are too good and too privileged to ride a bus with commoners.

Stacy forgot to mention mandating that slacker freeloading bicyclists pay tolls for their share of the bridge which includes a separate super-sized bridge deck and a proportionate percentage of the superstructure. He also forgot to mention that the Fed is on tap (from the Federal Highway Trust Fund supported by federal gas tax revenues) to pay for 100 percent of the light rail portion of the project with the local funding for highway portion of the being used as the 50 percent funding match. With such a lopsided, unjust and inequitable funding method, light rail passengers need to be required to pay an charge an extra f charge for crossing the river that would then be used to fund 50 percent of the highway portion of the project. That extra fare is only fair for all.

Boise IS attractive.

You know what turns me to drinking? It's this ...

  • The megabucks that was spent in the Hughes vs. Stacey race.
  • The fear that Hughes et al. put in us that Stacey would be like PDC's "Car Hater" Quinton on both meth and steroids.
  • The fact that once Hughes won, he turned out to be Metro's version of Sam Adams, only without the envelopes of cash.
  • Then, like a zombie hotel, Stacey slides into the position that we tried so hard to keep him out of.

I hear rye whiskey is next big thing. Drink up.

Agenda 21 goons. Nothing to see here, it's all part of the 'plan.'

Isn't it against the Oregon Constitution...?

That hasn't stopped much, so far.

Stacey is the person most responsible for our unaffordable housing.
He is responsible for forcing minorities out of their homes.
He is responsible for increasing traffic congestion.
He is responsible for increased pollution.
He is responsible for increasing our unemployment rate.
He has cost every Oregonian thousands of dollars.
All through the actions of the 1000 Malthusian fascists of Oregon, with Stacey at the head.


youse guys are screwed. I ain't comin' to visit you in the Big House (debtor's prison).

Burger (Hughes), fries (Stacy), and a choke.

Is there any movement to eliminate Metro or PDC?
They have done their "work" and are they really needed anymore?
Can we afford them or their continuing policies?

I look forward to the BoJack report from Boise!

You would think people would get a clue from the many ubiquitous four color postcard/flyers certain candidates get and who the supporters are as to if a continuation of "plans" is wanted.

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