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Friday, December 21, 2012

Buck-a-Hit Day finishes with $13,025

The final tally of our Buck-a-Hit Day fundraising is now complete. Our generous sponsors have all kept to their original pledges despite our missing our traffic goal by a bit, and contributions by other readers went far beyond our expectations. And so the amounts that will go to charities over the next week are as follows:

Virginia Garcia Memorial Medical Center$1,434
Children's Heart Foundation, Ore. Chapter$ 998
Sisters of the Road$1,463 $1,513
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Ore. & SW Wash.$2,104
Human Solutions$1,228
Oregon Food Bank$5,498
Charity to be named by comment contest winner$ 250
Total$12,975 $13,025

So nice. Thanks again to all who visited, and especially to all who gave.

UPDATE, 10:08 a.m.: A very-last-minute $50 gift to Sisters of the Road has pushed us over the $13,000 mark.

Comments (4)

Woohoo! Well done, Jack.

$13 grand in a day? From a very limited base? Of probably at least somewhat limited means?

That's a real tribute, and accomplishment.

Well Played Jack, Well Played!

There are great people in Portland. Always have been. Thanks to all of them, and to our givers from far-off places, too.

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