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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something to go downtown for

Your year isn't complete unless you attend this superb event.

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Only 3 blocks from The Max!

And food carts!

I hear the presenter is pretty interesting in a stodgy old barrister sort of way. Portland's own Rumpole of the Bailey.

But will it be vibrant?

Can I watch it on pay-per-view?

Hmmm.... I get enough sleep, no need to attend. ;-)

Will there be a break-out session on chasing kids off of front lawns and the valuation impacts of regular leaf collections?

Will attendees be served complimentary tax incentives with coffee at the breaks?

I assume we can meet Stenchy and get more composting tips?

He'll probably mention Sisab. :-)

I sure hope it isn't catered by volunteers from the Zoo.

Gee, that means you won't join us at the Nike Special Session!

Something I won't fail to miss.

I'll be there, as usual, even though I have to pay the late registration fee.

The marketing materials don't indicate that you can prepare for the event by reading the presenter's blog (that has very little to do with taxation). What a missed opportunity!

the kids and wife were sooo disappointed that we missed 'A Tuba Christmas' last week. I will use this as a chance to make it up to them.


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