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Friday, December 28, 2012

Reader poll: Which level of government is more screwed up?

Here's an interesting question that came up over dinner with the poker cronies last night. We were talking about the inane "fiscal cliff" and the disgraceful special tax deal for Nike:

Which level of government is more screwed up?
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(And by the way, great thanks to the Mrs. for a dinner that couldn't be beat.)

Comments (20)

They're both screwed, its just that the Feds can spend money they don't have without any accountability.

No frippin' contest. Not that that says anything good about the other guys.

I voted the Feds only because of the reason alluded to by Steve in the first comment to this poll. My 10 and 17 year old kid's kids are going to be dealing with the debt we are accumulating right now. This accumulation of debt coming at a pace I never thought possible.

Should have added CoP as a 3rd choice...

Not sure I can pick - they're equally misguided and dysfunctional. Bending over backwards to play favorites while at the same time blaming the other guys for everything that isn't working.

Anyone else getting some comic value out of the Speaker of the House telling the Senate to vote on bills that have already passed the House, while the Senate Majority Leader is telling the House to vote on a bill that's already passed the Senate; yet neither of them will bring the other's bill to a vote?

Both of those clowns need to be shown the door.

Let's cut to the important stuff-what did your wife fix for dinner? I'm always interested in new ideas!

I agree with Michelle. What did the good Mrs provide for dinner? We need some of the good to sustain us while we fight the evil.

Oregon - 3.8 million subjects.

Federal - 330 million subjects.

So Federal is about 10x as bad. At least Oregon is only wrecking things for 10% of the country's population.

Whoops, did the math wrong. Should be 100x as bad and 1% of the population. At least I have a future in City of Portland construction projects.

I wish there had been the option of all of the above. The feds are worse because they waste even more money, but Oregon is horrible either because they don't care about the lowly taxpayer/citizen either.
They are all idiots and all should have been summarly fired a few weeks ago.

The Feds are worse, but I care more about the state. The federal government is absolutely hopeless.

I was a fierce Oregon patriot for most of my life but that ended in Kitzhaber's first term. Now it is just another spectacle along the left coast.

Is there a drop of democracy or representation operative at the federal level?

Friday afternoon, 2:45pm with NYE lurking.

Isn't THIS the time we should expect a NEWS DUMP with no allowed follow up?

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who voted Oregon as worse than the federal government as to why they think so.

You've asked an impossible question, Jack, at least from my perspective.

You see, when faced with such a choice I flash back to what my late friend Harry Browne said:

"This isn't government at its worst, this is just government."

This would have been a tough call had I still lived in Oregon. Since I don't, the feds were an easy choice.

The state government is basically drifting in the ocean without a rudder, sails or an engine, plopping along.

The city and special districts (i.e. Metro, TriMet) are far more screwed up than the state is...they can get away with a lot more damage. At least the state has the eastern/southern part to put a stop to too much garbage.

Fed can operate without a balanced budget. St of Ore can't

The city of Portland is operating operating outside its budget. Anyone smell bankruptcy? Thanks Vera, Sam, and soon Char-lie.

My 10 and 17 year old kid's kids are going to be dealing with the debt we are accumulating right now. This accumulation of debt coming at a pace I never thought possible.

Your concern for your inchoate grandchildren is touching, but you have pretty much everything pretty much upside down, you and Steve. Look: first, thanks to the economic collapse, tax revenues, which have ordinarily been 19-20% of GDP, are now less than 16%. Put our economy back at full capacity and we have more tax revenues and less expense related to unemployment benefits and food stamps. How do we do that? Not by cutting federal spending or raising everyone's taxes. We should be increasing the deficit, not reducing it right now, borrowing at negative rates to repair our broken highways and power grids, and to shore up our pitiful education system. Second, about that public debt: your nonexistent grandchildren will have a boatload of treasury securities they can hold -- the world's safest, most secure investment.

"Inchoate grandchildren?" Really, Allan? I googled that. Google anything and you get about a zillion responses. Google "inchoate grandchildren" and you get exactly one. One. (Which is a 'reader comment,' btw.) Please put down the thesaurus. "Inchoate grandchildren" makes no sense, and serves no purpose as lead-in to your stock Democratic-party rejoinder. Just go with that and leave the cutesy stuff aside.

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