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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Portland lags behind L.A. on animal welfare

Just as the rest of the world catches on that elephant shows are cruel and pointless, the Portland zoo and the bobbleheads in Metro government are moving in exactly the wrong direction.

Here's the money quote -- literally: "Any time animals are used for profit, you’re going to see corners cut on their welfare, because it’s not the top priority."

It's apparent to us that the Portland zoo needs fewer elephants, not more. And Portland's taxpayers have better things to spend their money on than ugly partnerships with greasy carnival outfits and their bullhooks. It's time to rethink the whole elephant thing, Portland. Let's let the professional elephant sanctuaries try to save the species, and get the Portland zoo out of the business of being a calf mill. And in the meantime, if you don't want to be part of the problem, stay out of the zoo.

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Why is our little zoo competing with the likes of San Diego where they actually have thousands of acres for them to roam with professional keepers?
AND no music concerts that they are forced to listen too.

I wonder if I could be allowed to " dip into an unexpected $10 million premium that bond buyers paid in May, if so that would help differ my operating cost

But what will happen to the parking meter revenue?

What Alan's said.

Just goes to prove that Portlandia/Metro is so poorly managed as to be totally dysfunctional.
Follow the money! Someone is getting more than they should out of this outdated and badly run elephant breeding mill. It should stop, now!

I'm actually quite surprised Portland still has a zoo. Vancouver, BC shut theirs down years ago.

Hey, its the 'Oregon Zoo' folks. So lets wait to hear what the folks in Heppner, Vale, Drain and La Pine have to say.

We all know money talks, so here's a thought: instead of patronizing the Oregon zoo this coming year, take the money you would have spent (parking included) and send it to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and/or the PAWS sanctuary in California. Then write a letter to the zoo telling them what you did and why you did it.

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