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Monday, December 31, 2012

Our cup runneth over

It's been a most interesting inter-holiday week here at Blog Central. The Mrs. and we were out on the town three nights in a row. And the night before that, we threw the regular dinner and game for the poker crew. We never string together that many consecutive party nights in town -- probably haven't done so in 20 years. It's been a blast, but tonight while the revelers are on the streets ringing out the old and ringing in the new, we'll likely be in our jammies, enjoying a mild celebration to go with our larger ones. We won't feel like we're missing a thing.

Comments (4)

You mean you weren't invited to the big 'Thank You, for all your hard work' Sammy celebration?

I always manage to stay up at least until midnight -- Eastern Standard Time.

A come-from-ahead loss in the game.

Out here near the East side crime train it is hard to separate the gunshots from the fireworks. But hey, in less than an hour Sam and the admiral are gone. That will make for a good new year - for a while.

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